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  1. WTFGamer

    When you are afraid of Eminem "take u turn and go pop" 🤭

  2. DawnFoxMusic

    Tf Viola davis can rap?!

  3. Eviana Brown

    I think Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD, & Travis Barker should become a full on band (if they arent already)

  4. Afomiya Bahre

    I love this version but I don't want to lose the old mgk

  5. Sahira Ali

    I love the breaks in between though... humorous and interesting 😁

  6. PaRiS

    I love how all of these emo singers are all friends in each others music videos even if they arent singing in them

  7. RaulVivas11

    song that i will never be tired of hearing:

  8. louise wesley

    ‘you think you’re so cool’ chase: WHAT??! ‘you’re so cool’ chase: wUutT⛓🥀🔫

    1. Stephanie Rodriguez


  9. Wyatt Lindeau

    honestly what hes doing looks fun

  10. Luke Rose

    The person on the inside is crumbling.... describes me. Ah well I’ve crumbled. My time is done now. This is the last song my ears will hear. I can’t do this. I’ve given up

  11. Jessica Spring


  12. VideoGame Gameplay

    The instrumental is great.👍

  13. Dara Joyce

    why is this nostalgic even this song was just released in 2016?

  14. AyeAye RON

    Somebody one day gonna get trippie

  15. Leonardo Ferreira

    Now you must continue this as TV series MGK, Netflix is waiting for you dude! So many shit going on there, this would be way better and would have the greatest soundtrack!

  16. ايش الاخبار


  17. Natina Smith- McKessey


  18. YungBlondeDonXX 27

    Normal people see a guy dressed in pink, rocking out I see the 18 year old, bald headed Kells writing rhymes in his basement with Slim, barely dreaming of moments like this to finally making it to some of the world's biggest stages. All while trying to raise a daughter and battle depression, addiction, among other things. This dude is real and anyone who actually knows anything about him can see it too. Love you Kells!

  19. Кэссиди Оклер

    ill grow up next summer

  20. weiffa eisfjwed


  21. Aditya C Bisht


  22. jeffoenami

    Is this song on Spotify??

  23. Angella Couch


  24. Dexter Wong

    I dont know why when i search for " MgK alpha photon" for the X-Ray source producing photons, google gives me this result

  25. leglo parcova

    The cashier in the store looks like Yung Sherman

  26. KingNoodle frVr

    Anyone here cuz of Tony Hawks pro skater

  27. Coal Rocks

    A whole album in one video. I'm okay with this.

  28. Andrei FX

    Mgk changed a lot,in a good way ❤❤❤❤

  29. Mia Marie

    Cute 💜

  30. Firas

    15 million views so far ? So underated :(

  31. Faye Watkiss

    MGK ur a legend all time

  32. Faye Watkiss

    This guy lays down the truth in words that I can relate too if been through thick n thin from.the streets to family life I know how hard the road is trying juggle this pain from all that we lost

  33. Farmboy1O2

    I enjoyed MGK's music when he was still rapping, he had some bars, but he does not belong on the Rock scene. Please don't stain this genre

  34. Sasha Johnson


  35. r f


  36. 20_0303_ Gama attsauri

    Ganggu iklan Lo ajg

  37. Barzin G

    Fact : There are 15 thousand people in this world who are living without any hearts in their body!

  38. MSD

    Он теперь копирует миммику Меган Фокс

  39. Michael Jones

    Id not listened to MGK till Thursday when a mate played me this album...I haven't stopped listening to it! Amazing album! I hope he sticks at it with this genre 👌

  40. Shan Guo


  41. armina zeal

    this is a fucking masterpiece

  42. mashael gonda


  43. Temptation sweet as honey.

    This song deserve 100M views c'mon people, read those lyrics..

  44. Joe Filler


  45. Rajveer Raj

    Meanwhile EMINEM secretly watches....

  46. Hipeto Sumi


  47. Ronit

    2:35 That hits harder then life

  48. tsuki desu

    MGK and Halsey are awesome

  49. Adam Cundiff

    Been here since till I die part 2

  50. Thomas Ferber

    2:15 trippie looks high asf

  51. Jeowin Teo

    Im giving mgk a chance

  52. Sergeant K. Lanjess

    This reminds me my childhood

  53. Ainjel Heaslip

    anyone else just wanna hug him so tight and kiss him forever?

  54. витя грищенко


  55. PrismaticJunimo

    I want a full version of this so badly

  56. PrismaticJunimo

    This is definitely my most watched youtube video. Its so good

  57. ประครอง ภูปานทอง

    I Love you ดาราคุณวุ้นเส้นค่ะ

  58. 刘刘丽



    What happen to you from a rapper from this nigga what you got roasted by Eminem and change your character WTF

  60. Meaningless Content

    I used to love your music but now you look and sound like elen degeneres became lead singer of good charlotte your not diverse no matter how hard you try to be i didnt wanna admit it but eminem obviously shattered you in that dis track battle cuz your fuckin aweful ever since then. Make some good music and stop trying to impress your irrelevent girlfriend with toe thumbs you lesbian. P.s in my eyes you would have won that rap battle if you didnt slump into this bulkshit panic at the disco phase. COME BACK

  61. Cadet Abrar

    This is revolution, this is a change. Go MGK we all are here to support you dude and i'll be watching this everyday for rest of my life

  62. Kailey Kruse

    This is a MASTERPIECE. Periodt. <3

  63. Matthew Hatch

    This is worth dying for right?

  64. zach cambria


  65. Handsome LeBlanc

    Here we go again Industry puppets spreading the drug agenda 🤦

  66. Antony Duckett

    When will this be on Spotify

  67. Adrian Sexton

    Those red pants ain’t it

  68. Prince 504

    He switched to this genre because eminem ruined his rap career hahahahhaha

  69. Prince 504

    He switched to this genre because eminem ruined his rap career hahahahhaha

  70. Staci Anne Marie

    Huh... I’m into all music. It’s decent. I’m just really confused. That’s all.

  71. key2myh3art

    bi panic

  72. 6 Popular 6 Hell 6

    I hate that i think this is actually good...not trve kvlt... but good

  73. Afomiya Bahre

    This song deserves the attention it got even more😍😘

  74. n00bszpro

    Why is this not on spotify : /

  75. Kennedy Fuller

    Gnl, this is getting me back into pop-rock

  76. Memento Mori

    The only positive thing MGK will be remembered for.

  77. Wissle

    did you know that this was lipsynced? the microphone hes using is dynamic whereas his voice is condensed

  78. Ronit

    MGK : let's change the thumbnail for no apparent reason

  79. Natalie Purswell