Machine Gun Kelly - lonely (Live From Saturday Night Live/2021)


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    Machine Gun Kelly performing lonely on Saturday Night Live.

    Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall is available now!

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    1. FN BLAZE X

      I prefer rap devil than all his recent songs in my opinion

    2. Sierra Moore


    3. Ashley Hackenberg/ Short

      Saw MGK in concert for my bridal shower a few years ago in reading Pa. He smiled and waved at me and it made my life!... every one of his songs hits me. But this one: broke my fucking heart. SHATTERED... lost my gram and sister last year and this song hurts my soul for them. It’s so bittersweet. He truly is an amazing human. It’s like he climbed inside my head and pulled the words out that I can’t admit.

    4. Sha1595

      I thought he was a rapper...

    5. Britt Lininger


    6. Tijn de Kroon

      This hit different

    7. Prince 504

      He switched to this genre because eminem ruined his rap career hahahahhaha

    8. Reinna Waseskuk

      I like DOWN FALLS HIGH

    9. Amanda Denny

      This might be the only live version of a song Ive ever heard that’s actually better than the studio version

    10. Pill Cosby

      i miss the breaking news mgk man wtf

    11. John Doe

      What happened to rap the lace up movement???

    12. Kratos314

      I thought this dude did nothin but rap. He seems so much more genuine doin rock, bein himself. its really good

    13. Just some guy with no tattoo

      Yo isn’t this guy- oh my god he’s mgk no wayyy he changes his whole ass genre after that diss

    14. Anang Ratan

      Was that john krasinki in the beginning?

    15. Kashfia Islam

      Machine Gun Kelly was only 5’0” when he was 12 years old.

    16. RaspyDaClown

      Besides the point that you’re trying to copy after a blink-182 sounds good poser

      1. 잔나비 세실

        Travis Barker produced his album, idiot

    17. Emma Louis

      shit this broke my heart

    18. Heather Al

      He looked tired

    19. Chemosynthesis

      lol mgk trash he got slapped from rap to shitty edgelord songs

    20. Thomas S.

      This song is straight out of the early 2000s... smacks of my childhood.

    21. kardinio lien

    22. רון כהן

      Looooool Eminem made this guy depressed

    23. future the past

      Still waiting for him to respond to killshot

    24. Anas Ahmad

      2:30 What a golden voice he have 👑

    25. sigmenta

      Alright M&M your rhymes are so whack when you spit them all I can do is put my fingers in my ears saying they melt in my mouth not in my hands!

    26. Opeshii

      MGK is Art in person

    27. Robert Miller

      He has my respect. He took on eminem and shook him more than em is willing to admit

    28. KermIIt Not frog

      Okay okay

    29. Niek Hamoen

      Great performance

    30. Jonathan lyn

      3 years ago rapper now pop singer me coming back to listen to his music wtf happen bro the genre change

    31. Aqua Dyk

      I mean nice song.. but did em really fhhuck you this bad?

      1. Reaper SF


    32. Lil Dj


    33. Alyvia Cutfeet

      Eminem ruin his career and made him gay then he started singing guitar 😂😂😂😂

      1. Alyvia Cutfeet

        @TheHornsfan37 she started guitar when he’s career got dropped by em so it makes him look so bad and the song made him gay👍

      2. TheHornsfan37

        MGK was rocking long before EM became aware, he been a rock star since day one, he raps too

      3. Eric Mcanany

        Yep he is the fruitiest, Megan might disagree. Stop with your clown shit!! EM is a washed up, you Stans should’ve figured that out long ago #Laceup

      4. Alyvia Cutfeet

        And he still hasn’t made a diss on him ever since 😆😆

    34. Stacee Andrews

      You can feel his soul in this...😭😭😭

    35. Rhonda Schjenken

      Great song

    36. Alexis Plate

      why did he copy my pfp

    37. Tia Marie

      Greenday??? Lmaooo

    38. That Quiet asian kid

      Damn kelly jeez

    39. Fahmi Hermawan

      I like u a rapper man

    40. Nikos Matalliotakis

      i must say from my experience it's really hard to cry and sing...well done Colson

    41. DEV TUBE

      It seems that Eminem stopped you from rapping at all 😂

    42. Charlie Carroll

      I originally wasn’t a huge fan of MGK after he went after Eminem, but my goodness wow. That was seriously one of the best performances I’ve ever seen on SNL. The fact that the lights crashed right before he went on and they only had one spotlight too made it so much more perfect. RIP James Colson Baker you made your father proud that night.

    43. Shayna K.

      So much respect for MGK. You can just see how much growth and maturity he has gained in the last two albums. This song and performance are so, so good. It’s amazing to watch artists be vulnerable on stage like he was here. So much respect. Seriously, what a performance.

    44. Dan Roman

      Love this song band is awesome and who is the drummer? Omg

      1. 잔나비 세실

        That's Rook (JP Cappelletty)

    45. Thomas Heriot

      Blink 182 rort

    46. Nolan Hocking

      Kill shot Kelly gets diss into a different Genre

    47. Kenny Mibang

      Upon the words of No Life Shaq, " MGK we know that you can rap, but you a rockstar!". I'm an Eminem fan and yours too. That Eminem diss scene was an industrial stuff and we commoners won't budge our head into that. Artists make great music and we should keep our ears on the music they make rather than stuffing our heads inside what their personal life is🙏🏻.

    48. Rijn

      He is really talented but I just can’t like him because he looks like my ex. Like I’m trying but just can’t

    49. ESTD19XX GANG


    50. jessoonica

      This was my first exposure to MGK. I'm now a forever fan. This performance gives me such chills. Tickets to my Downfall is incredible, a true piece of art

    51. GONZOtheN00B

      This is the result of Eminem destroying your rap career.

    52. lil hoodie 2.0

      Honestly i want the old mgk 😔

      1. 잔나비 세실

        next album is rap

      2. Please Enter a name

        This is so much better than the rap

    53. karener3

      Wow. I adore this kid.

    54. phoenix rus

      Just here to change the flowers on the grave of your rap career after Eminem ended it. You'll always be a B-grade Stan.

      1. Please Enter a name

        You’ll always be nothing but a hater, enjoy your pitiful existence


      Mgk can you do a reaction video to Tom McDonald fake woke Thanks

    56. cristopher carrillo

      yooo u can see the pain in his face he rlly put emotion into this song.

    57. DANIPRO01 canal Secundario

      Menuda mierda esto esto es bad Bunny en Estados Unidos

    58. Sucha Sour Patch

      Felt this one....

    59. scorpion it all

      This is awesome

    60. Sophia Kelly

      its took me so long to watch this bc i know that feeling of having your dad die and it broke my heart seeing his facial expressions and at 2:30 that broke me

    61. Anthony Raye

      Yo I dunno if you ever check out your comments.. but first your music across all genres is great...I think you and this EZ mil need to get on a track together... you’re so much better helping the people coming up.. unlike how the others dudes treated you.... be dope track for sure

    62. heather parsons

      He looks so broken.... I really hope things get better for him

    63. keystoneriddle

      I slept on him, actually thought he was trash, now he showing how talented he is, I stand corrected and love the music

    64. Eric Brewer

      MGK I love how Corey Taylor needs to beef with you to get fans listening to there garage music again. He’s butthurt that a dude wearing pink has more fans than an all meat swinging band

    65. Halijah Bujang

      Ewwww machine gun kelly sooooooo ugly

    66. Knute

      👏 👏 👏

    67. FBI

      This man was killed and we can't do anything about it.

    68. Gavin Perez

      I never thought I would he able to listen to rock again until mgk made that shit a reality. Do your thing bru

    69. Greyson Roberts

      I almost forgot to watch this today

    70. Kashfia Islam

      Machine Gun Kelly hit puberty very late.

    71. Bardia star


    72. Saif 4646

      Crazy how he changed so much from that Eminem diss to this

    73. Coriija Parras

      You move my soul

    74. Ava Price

      i really dont know why or how people hate on him, because this is absolutely beautiful and he poured his soul into this

    75. Ava Price

      this made me cry

    76. hiSmileyes

      I think he tries to go with Lil peep foot steps as an artist, showing that sensitivity and feeling emotions is not weakness, it is part of life. I really feel this performance, it made me cry. MGK is really evolving and being totally comforting for many young people struggling. BTW rip Lil Peep.

    77. DeTao Official Music

      the breakdown at 2:26.. His face breaks my fucking heart dude. My idol.

    78. Daniel Cornelia

      so sad that there is no sad react only like. huhu

      1. Daniel Cornelia

        YT must update

    79. joe williams

      His music is incredible and extremely heartfelt god I love him

    80. KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-

      Thought he was a rapper now what is he hahaha clown

    81. JBishy

      This album the best thing to come out of quarantine. Thank you Colson 🤘🏽

    82. Shreyas Kshirsagar

      Isn't he the guy who was murdered by shady? Didn't know he was alive...from the song it seems he's still in pain

    83. JAX Jonesy

      REAL LIFE TALK....🤟🏻🕊💎📶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶✨💯✨💯👏🙋🏼‍♂️🤘🏻✌🏼🗣🌦🌤🌤💥💔💯🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🔥🖤💚

    84. bolly joshi

      He is famous because Eminem dissed this boy.

    85. Conal Flood

      When live, he sings better when he's louder, he seems to really struggle when he sings quieter

    86. call_ kmc

      I love how you can see every single friend of his sharing his pain in that moment. Like they're there with him on that phone with his dad's last moments. Thats good music man 🔥

    87. Owin Yun

      I want the mgk with the Lzzup raps !!

    88. Aisha

      2:06 i actually teared up when he looked up in this moment =. he looks so broken... the world truly doesn't deserve him :(

    89. But Its

      I thought this guy was supposed to be a hard gangster rapper. Seems more like a whiny little emo...

      1. Eric Mcanany

        He might smack your ass, stop with this kinda hate!! He is poring his heart out for his pops that he tried to make amends!! Beat it Stan. #Laceup

    90. Greatplay

      The comparison of bad behavior with the devil always speaks truth. Man colson you are on a roll!

    91. Brandon Nyoni

      This guy really switched genres

      1. AddySays

        and U switched ur head with Turd

    92. Tamara Z

      The more I listen the more it hurts.

    93. dave hightower

      This song Rocks.. It sounds like and old Irish pub song. I'm in my 60's and I love this dudes music. And his piece of ass he is banging to...Meghan yummy

    94. I'm Yamen

      Miss you rap devil 🤟🏻

    95. Fraend

      god..this is music! this is emotions.

    96. Jimmy G Buckets


    97. Ashley Brown

      I just turned 30 and I lost my dad/best friend to cancer almost 4 years ago and I feel this song so deeply in my soul, even if the circumstances are different. One of the best live performances. Thank you MGK.

    98. bensany yuza

      Hahaha dance with the devil. . dont say that. . just say you got in trouble because you write rap devil. . .then your carierr go dowwwwwwwnnnn hahahha

      1. Jimmy G Buckets

        this song is about his father and aunt who passed away. be respectful.

    99. kai_innitYT

      i love you. your my hero!!!!!!!