Machine Gun Kelly - I Think I'm OKAY [Official Music Video]


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    I Think I'm OKAY by Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD, & Travis Barker is available now!
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing I Think I'm OKAY. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. kucing betina

      i loveeeeeee thisss soonggggggggg

    2. Max

      i spotted Noah Cyrus and FaZe Banks

    3. matt benoit

      Dear 25 year old self I hope your in a better mind set than when u were 15

    4. Sarah Longenecker

      I remember being here waiting for this video to premiere and now it has over 70 million views

    5. Necrubis

      This three guys should make an album 🎈🤤

    6. hawra14a


    7. Dan Maloney


    8. ch_mp

      perfect song if yungblud wasnt in it tbh

      1. uhu ist kleber

        Yungbluds part is dope

    9. Brandon Hodgman

      Those guys should come out of the closet lmfao!

    10. Brandon Hodgman


    11. Eviana Brown

      I think Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD, & Travis Barker should become a full on band (if they arent already)

    12. PaRiS

      I love how all of these emo singers are all friends in each others music videos even if they arent singing in them

    13. Ronit

      MGK : let's change the thumbnail for no apparent reason

    14. Hugo van Dyk

      Punk pop is back Baby love this

    15. Romane Sybel

      The fact that every Gen Z seems to relate to this song somehow is both amazing and scary...

    16. Alisha Brown

      Mcr vibes at the end... Lol

    17. Tyler Edwards

      I am still an addict who needs help but this song makes me want to reach out to other addicts who are looking for guidance in their lives to move forward

    18. Bradly Ronk

      Any Smilers? :D

    19. Only God Knows Why

      2021 i hurt myself sometimes is that too scary for ya?

    20. Mystery Human

      He sung this song? Legit did not know

    21. Tyler Maylish


    22. Elle Bassa

      This sounds like pg-13 edgy Disney

    23. Ticci_Taffy 69

      Omfg 70 M views

    24. Kacper Sasin


    25. Scarlett Barber

      This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you

    26. Quinn Sullivan

      I did not realize mod sun was in this video

    27. Røsë

      Why didn't I find this when I got screwed up- I've been a mess for 3 years now, its starting to be to much

    28. Lil You 3k

      I’m a big fan machine gun kelly

    29. Rhys Griffiths

      Mental illness is no joke. I’ve been fighting anxiety, depression and OCD for my whole life. I’m only 20, its such a struggle. But I’m fighting so hard everyday just like I always have done. If you’re reading this and you’re struggling, I want you to know you are not alone and I believe in you.

      1. Jellyfishyi

        thank you😢 we are proud of you!!

    30. Ethan Maher

      "I hurt myself sometimes, is that too scary for you" Its very scary to see your loved on hurt themself almost unbearable hurt

    31. analia sanchez


    32. Evan Schultz


    33. Kimber Davis


    34. Alex Silveira peres


    35. As Above So Below

      2000s punk rock vibes are finally back and I'm here for it! 🖤🖤🖤

    36. As Above So Below

      Feeling this deep today 😭🖤🖤🖤


      Anyone else had this on repeat for the last 3 weeks?

    38. Jessica Wayñè

      ______▄██✿███▄ ____ ▄██▀██████▄ ___██▀__███▒████ __██____███░░‿░▀ ___██____██░░░░░ ____██____ ██░░♥ _ (❀✿❀) _____ █_____ █▒ ___ (✿ ☼ ✿) ______█ ___▓▓░▓___ (❀▐ ❀) _█❀ _█_ ▓▓▓▒░▒▓__█_▐__▄ __▀█▀_ ▓▓_▓▓▒░▒▓ ▀█▐_█ ______▓▓_▓▓▓▓▓▓____ ▐▀ ______▓▓_▓▓▓▓▓______▐ ____ ▓▓__▓▓▓▓_▓▓____▐░ ___ ▓▓__▓▓▓▓▓___▓___▒▒ __ ▓▓_▓███❋██▓__▓▓▓ ▒▒___▓██▒███▒▓ ░___▓██▒███▒██▓

    39. Jessica Wayñè

      ┈┈┈┈▕▔╱▔▔▔━▁ ┈┈┈▕▔╱╱╱👁┈╲▂▔▔╲ ┈┈▕▔╱╱╱╱💧▂▂▂▂▂▂▏ ┈▕▔╱▕▕╱╱╱┈▽▽▽▽▽ ▕▔╱┊┈╲╲╲╲▂△△△△ ▔╱┊┈╱▕╲▂▂▂▂▂▂╱ ╱┊┈╱┉▕┉┋╲┈ ╱╱▏┈┈╱╱╱╱▏╱╱▏ ▇╱▏┈┈▇▇▇╱▏▇╱▏ ▇╱▏▁┈▇╱▇╱▏▇╱▏▁ ▇╱╱╱▏▇╱▇╱▏▇╱╱╱ ▇▇▇╱┈▇▇▇╱┈▇▇▇╱ ╱╱┏╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱ ╱╱┃┃╱╱┳╱┓┳╭┛┳┓ ▉━╯┗━╮┃╱┃┣┻╮┣╱ ▉┈┈┈┈┃┻┛┛┻╱┗┗┛ ▉╮┈┈┈┃▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ ╱╰━━━╯ ╔══╗♥ ╚╗╔╝♥ ╔╝╚╗♥ ╚══╝♥ ╔╗ ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ ║║╔═╦╦╦╔╗ ║╚╣║║║║╔╣ ╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ ╔╗╔╗♥ ║║║║♥ ║╚╝║♥ ╚══╝♥ ┈┈┈┈▕▔╱▔▔▔━▁ ┈┈┈▕▔╱╱╱👁┈╲▂▔▔╲ ┈┈▕▔╱╱╱╱💧▂▂▂▂▂▂▏ ┈▕▔╱▕▕╱╱╱┈▽▽▽▽▽ ▕▔╱┊┈╲╲╲╲▂△△△△ ▔╱┊┈╱▕╲▂▂▂▂▂▂╱ ╱┊┈╱┉▕┉┋╲┈ ╱╱▏┈┈╱╱╱╱▏╱╱▏ ▇╱▏┈┈▇▇▇╱▏▇╱▏ ▇╱▏▁┈▇╱▇╱▏▇╱▏▁ ▇╱╱╱▏▇╱▇╱▏▇╱╱╱ ▇▇▇╱┈▇▇▇╱┈▇▇▇╱ ╔══╗♥ ╚╗╔╝♥ ╔╝╚╗♥ ╚══╝♥ ╔╗ ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ ║║╔═╦╦╦╔╗ ║╚╣║║║║╔╣ ╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ ╔╗╔╗♥ ║║║║♥ ║╚╝║♥ ╚══╝♥ ╱╱┏╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱ ╱╱┃┃╱╱┳╱┓┳╭┛┳┓ ▉━╯┗━╮┃╱┃┣┻╮┣╱ ▉┈┈┈┈┃┻┛┛┻╱┗┗┛ ▉╮┈┈┈┃▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ ╱╰━━━╯ ┈┈┈┈▕▔╱▔▔▔━▁ ┈┈┈▕▔╱╱╱👁┈╲▂▔▔╲ ┈┈▕▔╱╱╱╱💧▂▂▂▂▂▂▏ ┈▕▔╱▕▕╱╱╱┈▽▽▽▽▽ ▕▔╱┊┈╲╲╲╲▂△△△△ ▔╱┊┈╱▕╲▂▂▂▂▂▂╱ ╱┊┈╱┉▕┉┋╲┈ ╱╱▏┈┈╱╱╱╱▏╱╱▏ ▇╱▏┈┈▇▇▇╱▏▇╱▏ ▇╱▏▁┈▇╱▇╱▏▇╱▏▁ ▇╱╱╱▏▇╱▇╱▏▇╱╱╱ ▇▇▇╱┈▇▇▇╱┈▇▇▇╱

    40. Jessica Wayñè

      ╱╱┏╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱ ╱╱┃┃╱╱┳╱┓┳╭┛┳┓ ▉━╯┗━╮┃╱┃┣┻╮┣╱ ▉┈┈┈┈┃┻┛┛┻╱┗┗┛ ▉╮┈┈┈┃▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ ╱╰━━━╯

    41. my name is jeff entertainment


    42. yahkirhys

      YUNGBLUD's voice is AMAZING AF

    43. David Patterson


    44. Brian B

      Last minute is basically Famous Last Words

    45. Nick Rohe

      Have your sins been forgiven today and forever? Think about this. The God of the bible, the One True God made us to worship him, obey him, and enjoy him forever. We break His laws daily by not putting Him first, not thanking Him like we should, we lie, we lust, we have sex before marriage, we dishonor our parents, we covet things other people have, we take God's name and use it in vain, we use it in a low manner, sometimes as a cuss word, (God is holy and even His name is holy), we don't love like we should, etc. In doing so we're saying He's not a good provider, He's a liar, He's untrustworthy, He's not worthy of praise. All these things and more are counted against us. The bible says God is the just judge of the world and one day He will settle the score for all the wrong we've done. God is holy meaning He is righteous (morally perfect in thought, word, and deed) It also means He is set apart and higher than us. God being good, must punish all sin or wrong doing in the world. This means that if you sin one time God will cast you in hell for eternity. Because He is good and He doesn't turn a blind eye to sin. But there is good news. 2000 years ago Jesus the Son of God came into this world and lived a perfect life ( He never sinned once) and He died on the cross taking the wrath that we deserve and paid the penalty for the sins we committed. The bible says that if you will repent (confess and forsake your sins) and trust in what Christ did on the cross (He took the wrath of God that was meant for you and I) then all your sins will be forgiven and when you die you will be in heaven with God and all who believe for eternity. Jesus died and on the third day He rose from the grave. Get right with God today don't wait. Once you die after that comes the judgement. Hebrews 9:27 It's the most important thing you can do. You must be born again John 3:7 If you repent and trust in what Christ did on the cross it shows that you've been born again or born spiritually. Right now you're dead in your sins and you can't see the beauty of Jesus Christ but after you trust in Christ all the things you hate about God like obeying him, serving Him, loving Him and others, reading the bible, praying and going to church you will love to do those things because God changes your heart. That's how you know you have been born again and forgiven. Please think long about this and ask me any questions you have as this is the most important thing you can ever think of in your life. An eternity in hell (darkness and a lake of fire the bible describes it, with weeping and gnashing of teeth) or an eternity out of that place and into the loving arms of God who is infinitely glorious, has infinite knowledge and has infinite power to do all that He pleases. You decide. Have a great day!

    46. reagan loughney


    47. Alyx Parker


    48. Nyyuzt13

      YUNGBLUD and MGK: I think cause there something wrong with me Faze Banks:🍾😁

    49. Vinnie Mitchell

      Watch me take something good an fuc* it all up in one night (thats me) ..the hole FIRST verse

    50. Pug Life


    51. Dustin Etzwiler

      I'm not gay but yungbluds hair damn I'm jelly mine same way hair war!!!!!!!

    52. greyreynyn

      travis is just dad over here

    53. Drake 04

      I feel bad for Travis you know he does t want to be playing with wannabe rockstars

    54. makesetä :D

      Ain't that the same girl from Downfalls high?

    55. nolan lewis

      Did anyone notice? Modsun is in this video!

    56. deathbecomesherm 999

      Is that miley Cyrus sister at the fire extinguisher 🧯 part? I don't know her name but looks like her.

      1. As Above So Below

        Noah Cirus. Looks like her

    57. ana c

      a diferença de altura

    58. Scarlett Barber

      This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love yall :)

    59. shane shafer

      This song is honestly a fucking banger and demands more views tbh

    60. Happycamper

      I didn't like MGK until he started singing. This suits you my guy. You fucking ROCK!

    61. devin villegas

      i have come to the conclusion that I will never marry a man. no man can compete with mgk i stg lma

    62. Tabbily

      1:31 Faze Banks

    63. urjdsmw fjdnsmwk

      This is not live, amazing how accustic and spontaneous the recording is produced. Amazing 👏

    64. The poledancing dog

      How adorable is yungblud 😍💗

    65. Matt Duncan

      Mgk totally. Seems like doms older brother in this

    66. That Kid RYLYCS

      will yungblud, barker, and colson just become a band already?

    67. Adam Pettus

      Stripe shirt guy comes in sounding like drunk beast boy on karaoke night.

    68. Dylan Brock

      You ever been wrecked by Eminem so hard it made you completely switch genres?

    69. First Last

      Eminem destroyed his career so bad he had to switch genres

    70. Lil Kd24

      Did anyone notice faze banks

    71. Manuel Fernandez

      Modsun, Goddy grace and Noah Cyrus this video it´s so dope

    72. cody santee

      Wow mgk. Your are thoroughly surprising.

    73. Derrick Lugo

      Anyone notice Youngblud’s guitar has no strings?

    74. Mega Virus

      Slim shady: hold my beer 🍺

    75. Maverick Malone

      90’s, and 2000’s coming back? Good! 🤘🏻. Shit sucks now!

      1. Kimber Davis


    76. slay z

      I think Travis barker and MGK should start their own band

    77. TongueTied Girl

      *somethings fookin wrong with me*

    78. Jenn Ogilvie

      Feel this track ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. TongueTied Girl

        *me too*

    79. Zaki Ahmad

      1 year later and still hits hard.

    80. Darcy Lavender

      When Dom stands next to Kelly tho the height difference

    81. rejects5525

      Didn't know it was possible to write a time machine.

    82. Saturdays Down South In Hell

      This video reminds me so much of “You’re So Last Summer”. Not sure if that’s the intention or not, but I love it.

    83. Jish Dixon

      I hope most the girsl were there for travis

      1. TongueTied Girl

        If I was there I would honestly be there for Dom But that's just me :)

    84. *Nurse*

      Love this

    85. superwebcomics

      Where the new mainstream Punk Pop era began

    86. Nixyy Hd

      Am i the only one who saw FaZe Banks there ? 1:31

    87. Jose Jesus Martinez

      Gracias a ellos el pop punk está regresando poco a poco

    88. Dylan Bishop

      did anyone else peep Banks for like a split second

    89. Jolt

      We need more songs like this in 2021

    90. Steph P


    91. leafdude81

      Everything about this song is amazing...... until yungblud comes in

      1. James Urwin

        Damn must feel bad to be you then😂😂😂

    92. Caleb Fisher

      IF YOU LIKE THIS check out Tir Debris Slide. Unknown dude who added me on spacehey. It’s a banger

    93. Nova Chism


    94. trenton billig

      Get rid of that second guy and its perfect

      1. zachy


    95. Chrisiel Christ


      1. Chrisiel Christ

        @Devin how much music you make?

      2. Devin

        Man your thought process is flawed and all over the place lmaoo

    96. Brett Beer

      Wow. That sounds like some generic American pop punk band

    97. Devin Thurston

      He can do any style of music 💪

    98. Nick Beker


    99. Andreic TSM

      did i just see faze banks

      1. James Urwin

        Bro please it's blowing my mind rn 😂😂

    100. Darkronin phoenix

      yeah guys i guess yungblood travis barker mgk and iann dior are forming a band