Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]


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    Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. michael quinn


    2. Cody Cool

      2:05 when the my chemical romance breakdown kicks in

    3. nida neha


    4. Sabrina Dutra

      Ameiiii demais essa música ♥️🎶

    5. RedBull GivesYouFeet

      this sounds like Blink-182

    6. Tri Bui


    7. Darryl Miles

      I wish that was my face she stood on

    8. ssteacup


    9. tomáš craft

      Čas 101 chudak

    10. Jillian Burke


    11. Afomiya Bahre

      I love this version but I don't want to lose the old mgk

    12. weiffa eisfjwed


    13. KingNoodle frVr

      Anyone here cuz of Tony Hawks pro skater

    14. Mia Marie

      Cute 💜

    15. zach cambria


    16. key2myh3art

      bi panic

    17. Kennedy Fuller

      Gnl, this is getting me back into pop-rock

    18. Natalie Purswell


    19. Phoebe Moon

      My new favorite song, beats out sad ballads any day

    20. tamrat shiferaw


    21. Darth Bakke


    22. James Junior

      This entire MGK album is good. Brings me back to my middle/high school days when this type of music was huge. #nostalgia

    23. yankees512417

      Mgk got dissed by eminem so hard he had to change genres

    24. Aquatic Diamond

      Cmon 49,000 and it gets 1M, Let’s get it!

      1. Afomiya Bahre

        Yes pls

    25. Roger LELIEU


    26. Purple was the imposter

      Matching Gun Megan

    27. Swag 05


    28. Dina the trash can

      Imagine being one of their childern... (Pure luck)

    29. yi chen

      Foooot funguses r the worst ever do not touch ever n ever lolzzzzz🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

    30. Devils Gaming

      Is it just me or is mgk the best when your feeling down, sure helps me like fuck, much love homie

    31. Scarlett Barber

      This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you

    32. Norberto Maldonado


    33. Noel Burton


    34. Slow but Perfect

      1:00 MGK Got some explaining to do looool

    35. 射手

      I wouldn’t mind being tied up by Megan fox 😂

    36. Chris Montanez

      No one gunna talk a out that thumbnail?? Ughhh megans foot 😛

    37. canag0d

      Wait I’m not hip and up with current times. The only song I ever saw of MGK was Rap Devil. Why is he doing a blink 182 / Sum 41 impression? Haha I kind of like tho :)

    38. ForTheBoys

      Him waking up is the funniest part imo

    39. Jackson Minehart

      At 1:40 MGK looks like Larry the cucumber from Veggie Tales

    40. Fiona Miralles

      they're so cute ❤️

    41. Mister Éire

      It sounds like the alt rock that was coming out around 2006 and later. I wish I could go back there, I was in middle school.

    42. Kokichi

      Excuse me what is a Yed? -Stevie T.

    43. When her Dick is bigger than yours

      I’m not a fan of upity rock but this is okay for a starting album.

    44. prince2727 prince2727


    45. Jormungand r

      Eminem bodied this man so bad he switched genres...

    46. ATrain Entertainment

      Way better than his rapping

    47. Steve Hudspeth


    48. John Soto


    49. Irene Abad

      In my head

    50. 阿鲁巴吧


    51. The end of the world As we know it

      I need these lyrics to become real for me in my life.

    52. Marlena thorvald

      Is this 2004?

    53. jana balkhi

      wherre is her shirt from ??

    54. Bob Fakename


    55. Filipe Xibatakkjk

      Diego guerra Obgd por me mostrar essa música incrível😔🙏

    56. Ross B

      This guy is so lucky!!! Rock star with the most beautiful woman in the world!!! Nothing but love MGK.

    57. Carol conde


    58. Kade Gable

      This is the perfect song for a couple to make theirs❤❤🖤❤❤

    59. Andrew Aguilar

      Megan Fox? Yooo I had the biggest crush on her when i was younger lol. On a side note this music is fire XD

    60. Carl Rencer

      This is god awful. Came back to add the "god"

    61. T Rolnick


    62. Cam H

      This song is so great when you’re high 😂 Also forgot how hot Megan is lol.

    63. Kaleb Gastelo


    64. Shanna Lae

      World's hottest couple💞🔥🔥🔥

    65. Nick Rohe

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    66. Afomiya Bahre

      50k likes to 1m likes

    67. Allen Han

      Eminem killed MGK so hard. MGK changed genres and now does Pop-Rock instead of rap. Probably realize he can't be the best white rapper while Em is alive, so he decided to change genres.

      1. Mia DeMuth

        Hes doing better in pop rock than he did in rap. He actually good.

    68. SAF SMOKE

      Why are rappers so lucky😭😭 Travis / kylie Jay-z / Beyonce Mgk / Megan Kanye / Kim

    69. susana ccho


    70. Berri Kaemmerling

      Hi, are you using site ytfame to get yourself more views and likes?

    71. awa seth


    72. Offtotheraces 716

      I like what he's doing here.

    73. Alberto Fernandez Villan

      I'm spanish and at 1:17 I understand "I'm laying naked with Julia" instead of "I'm laying naked with you yeah"

    74. noel mendez


    75. Reda Ba

      @MachineGunKelly i've been listening to this song since it got out and i've been watching the clip like every week and guess what I just love it more and more

    76. Sucha Sour Patch

      I’m here for this! Giving me Blink 182 vibes and I love it ❤️

    77. eNcore

      Nice Musik for skateboarding 😆

    78. Abraham Rodrigues


    79. Savi GG

      The surprising thing about this song it is not cringy nor horrible actually sounds good and is a good song.

    80. joshypoo79

      Wow, Eminem killed this guy so hard he started beef with Greenday

    81. Proving Dead Pool

      Me looking for new music: Accidentally taps this video: I'll give it a listen I guess. Music starts... Lyrics start: I think this is the literal definition of vomit 🤢🤮🤢🤮

    82. Steve Smith

      If he didn't have money he'd be a poser.

    83. itsurmombruh

      Green Day vibes lowkey

    84. itsurmombruh

      Hopefully this brings back the punk rock era

    85. itsurmombruh

      I like this MGK better honestly this song is fire

    86. Sam Kothrade

      Such a dope music video

    87. Sam Kothrade

      Megan Fox might be the only chick who’s is insanely bomb at 34 and yet looks like she’s still 25

      1. Johnjohntv

        It’s cool if you like her but bro, no, she doesn’t look in her 20’s at all. She looks exactly her age.

      2. Dick Rick

        Jennifer Aniston is 52 she looks amazing

    88. Sam Kothrade

      MGK was made for these type of songs and kills it way harder than he does rap

    89. Noot Noot

      1:01 thats what I want from Rose ASMR feet in vids and on my face

    90. joseph Gorrondona

      2:32 "for what im about to tell you, you need to believe in the impossible, can you do name is colson baker and im the fasted man alive"

    91. CavaloPora

      mt top

    92. Christopher Ebner

      The music just isn't good - it's a horrible rip off of 90's pop-punk. *back to the drawing board*

    93. Mic Quinn

      Can we stop pretending like life ends after 18? You can’t even do anything legal at 18, most places even tobacco is 21 😂 30s is still young man.

    94. Victor Cruz


    95. Devin Thurston

      Best song on this album 👌💪💙

    96. Scarlett Barber

      This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you guys

    97. John Jiggler

      Mgks gonna love the way she lies

    98. Thanatos Doom

      Yeah youre so produced. And you thought you could mess up with a self made classic. Dude, youre just a fashion Mannequin, empty to wear anything.

    99. ST1R 420

      I wonder if eminem likes this song haha

    100. Beyond Google

      Machine gun Karen