I Think I'm OKAY (Live From The Late Late Show With James Corden)


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    1. Ken Aria

      Why yungblud pretend like hes playing guitar? It's weird

    2. TikTokmoe

      I wish I can have that a lot of tattoos 😭👏 nice live! Never hear any eprformance better than this

    3. Camden Weber

      even though its censored... great live performance. This is MGK's best shit.

    4. Laceerenee09

      God they’re so sexy! I love them both!!

    5. Motorola CPS Vault

      He should stick with this music.

    6. JELLY M3LLYy

      Too bad YUNGBLUD's guitar isn't playing anyty

    7. Michael Horn

      The whole band is killing it.

    8. R. Schreckengost

      Holy yungblud backing track taking over.

    9. All Killer No Filler

      are we all gonna sit here and act like yungbluds guitar is ACTUALLY plugged in

    10. Lyndsay West

      i would recignize those pink socks from anywhere

    11. Suzan Thakuri


    12. Panda Bear

      This is one of my favorite performances ❤ so much love..

    13. Krei Wyndham

      how many guitars do you want for this performance? MGK: yes

    14. Bryan Pantoja

      This is so fuckinn dope 🔥🤑

    15. Random Youtuber

      2:57 respect

    16. MrMomoneyz

      One of the best performances I've ever seen in late night shows.

    17. Jade Lily

      Dom and Colson don't even need auto tune like bruh

    18. Ava Murawski

      im sorry dom and mgk-

    19. Ian BW

      I’m pretty sure yungblud’s guitar is turned off for the entire intro and verse in the verse there’s only an acoustic and yungblud is whamming away at the electric guitar chords 😂

    20. K Hek

      Freaks doing mediocre music and prettending being great

    21. UltraElite579

      And the end of that performance was absolutely horrific

    22. UltraElite579

      Kinda sad to watch this weird kid next to mgk pretend to play the guitar. He should just stand there and do nothing if he can’t play

    23. Tanya C

      I've watched this same video many many times and I just love it. As soon as yungblud sings everyone gets fired up and he smiles enough to make anyone's heart melt!

    24. Jacob McCluskey

      Amazing song rock 😎

    25. Hk 4lyfe

      There are 4 guitarists on that stage, got a feeling that the two for the lead singers are just props, lol...

    26. KellyG

      He let it slip out at 2:13 . I love these two together .

    27. Søren lærkholm

      Now THAT is the most obvious prop guitar i've ever seen. Both of them. What an act-out backingtrack guitar-show

    28. Jujul Lala

      Well. Yungblud look like clean version of Takeshi 69 😅

    29. Sofía Álvarez

      This duo is insane, I need more songs of these two 🥺💖

    30. Obama man

      im not okayyyah ah

    31. Z R

      Yungblud your vocals gave me chills. Love MGK as always. And Travis you're not forgotten.

    32. Jason Todd

      Music for disappointments 👍

    33. Bonn Johnson

      Yung blud is lip singing on all of this

    34. Mathieu Boisclair

      Anyone else see Modsun in the back @2:03 and other parts xD lit

    35. ᗩᘻᗷᘿᖇ

      Anyone peep the person in the back rocking out on the amp. Looks like MOD but I could be wrong. Whoever it is is having a fucking blast.

    36. Alejandro Padilla Muñoz

      those ghost guitars

    37. AxodiZ

      I love yungbluds vibes

    38. Alexandre Perard

      The fact they’re not really playing their instrument makes me upset.

    39. Gabriella O'Donnell

      That was so sweet when they held up the guitars at the back that said Dayton and El Paso for the mass shootings

    40. Paul-Jacob

      This is ten million times better than mcr just saying

    41. Black Dahlia Beauty

      Whooo that was an emotional roller coaster for me 🥰🥰🥰😩😩😩😭😭😭🖤🖤🖤

    42. purp osexonly

      Razyob 💥

    43. Steven Lay

      Travis barker?

    44. Geeky Fangirl

      I’m just glad there’s a clean version because at least then I can play it around my parents 😂

    45. Chaeyoung Park

      “I guess it’s just my life and I can take it if I wanna” hits hard

    46. Love Infusion

      Fantastic performance of an incredible song. Thinking of EVERY 'beef' Machine Gun Kelly has been involved in - and NONE of them can hold a candle to this incredibly intuitive connected human being. No one even comes close .. nope - not even Eminem. And I experienced the 80's - Eminem rapped. End. Of. Story. He chose to be one thing. MGK chooses to be everything. Machine Gun Kelly cannot be placed in any box - no labels no rules no bullshit: It's imperative to have an "I don't give a fuck" attitude - if FREEDOM is a top priority. Letting go of all that shit gives you an incredible amount of personal freedom. He's fully engaged & adapts & grows & evolves. He's sometimes referred to as a 'Jack of all Trades' - but make no mistake he's a Master at all of them ;) Never let the garbage of our world change you. Stay anchored in your spectacular Authenticity & the world is yours xoxo

    47. Michelle Mattaliano


    48. eikcim 1728

      dom’s vocals will always send me into orbit he’s so hot

    49. eikcim 1728

      anyways i’m in love with them lol

    50. Thiaguin

      The censured version is better, thanks.

    51. Najashi_33

      If it's not explicit it's not the original version haha. Funny how this is all censored in the US

    52. Alex Bonnington

      Mgk's voice is just beautiful

    53. Cameron Greaves

      Yungblud strums his guitar yet not a sound comes out

    54. The Silver Star System

      Dom smiling when ever Colson or him need to censor themselves makes me so happy

    55. Kenny McCormick

      Yungblud isn't actually playing the guitar

      1. BlxckMassXO

        @no shit sherlock 😂

    56. 弘玈

      Can't stop looking at Rook

    57. moonstarcrest27

      Kells and Dom together are the best duo to ever happen

    58. Patrick Donnelly

      Too many guitars

    59. Thomas Chevrier

      And they say rock is dead...

    60. Xavier Bennett

      They compliment each other so well

    61. Kaganol235 678

      Damn that's a lot of guitars

    62. lasse clausen

      New found respect for both... never even heard YUNGBLUD, just thought to my self “that kinda shit again”, judging in advance. But Wow does He have an insane voice! Humbled my opinion

    63. Gracie mae Rogers

      Meanwhile Rook in the background 😂

    64. William Shakespeare

      There guitars are just props

    65. KngknnY

      Wheres trav

    66. Canukistanian

      This song is so much better live

    67. King Blonde


    68. Marcus Talib

      2020 - I think I'm okay 2004 - I'm not okay

    69. Stoney Maloney


    70. Maddie :0

      Idk how I feel about the censored version

    71. pluton

      the vocals at the end without music? i died

    72. Melody Elo

      Love you Yungblud.. like I'm crying while watching this..is dis even possible,.. Goshhh!!

    73. Bruh

      I’m sorry but yungblud sucks at “fake playing” the guitar. MGK is actually playing but yungblud isn’t. Before you start giving me hate about “oh he is playing the guitar” I play guitar and have been for 3 years. I can tell...

    74. Yerkillinme

      I’m convinced they muted yungbluds guitar for the verses. He’s hammering away on that thing and I can’t hear a thing. I can hear mgks though

      1. Dee

        yeah, there was already enough guitars behind him so adding another one would be pointless but they probably wanted to maintain the cool picture of everybody playing an instrument

    75. tulkoi 13

      free electron

    76. Philipp Schulz

      MGK is Sick But can we pls appreciate YUNGBLUDs Voice WTF

    77. Luana Ganade da Fonseca

      I was like, What the hell happend to this Song??! Then i realized this is the pg version

    78. Max Rea

      Yungblood isn't even fucking playing the guitar

    79. Marianne Duong

      They sound so great together !

    80. Junkim Supil

      I dont think yungblood is actually pkaying guitar

    81. Matt Hahn

      This is lip synced

      1. Aditya C Bisht

        Are you stupid

    82. matilda lindqvist

      Perfection 🖤

    83. terry nelson

      Yungblood has no clue how to play guitar. Why fake.

    84. Kevin Jay

      Yung blood or whatever ain’t playing the guitar he also looks like the bitch from American history x


      Yungblud 🔥🤤

    86. Kryštof Šimek

      How? How was I living without knowing this song exist??

    87. Rimiki


    88. Fy Kakmerzko

      Цирк!!! Хорошо хоть Трэвиса на этом видео нет ...

    89. Asha Harris

      Why ain't nobody talking about the drummer mad skills 1:53

      1. Eleonora Morelli

        Do u know who he is?

    90. Luke Van Ginkel

      That jazzmaster looks good on yungblud

    91. Sann Dohmo

      Punk suit you brother 🤘🤘🤘we are Blink182 fans 💓

    92. Carly Kaye

      Yungblood that one kid who just never grew out of his emo faze.

    93. madmike1

      Did mgk just do a death growl at the end?

    94. Claire Bow

      I guess it just my life I can take it if i wanna

    95. Krish Gupta

      Anyone notice Mod Sun vibin over Rook's kit



    97. Hudson Beckmann

      I doubt Yougbluds guitar is plugged in but we’ll just ignore that😂

    98. Vivian Curi Leguia


    99. Alex Shewan

      YUNGBLUD's energy is another level altogether.

    100. Adam Smart

      Unreal his music is always crazy inspiring thanks mgk and youngblud is the perfect compliment hopefully. More from both these guys