Machine Gun Kelly - drunk face/all I know/bloody valentine (Jimmy Kimmel Live 2021/Medley)


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    Machine Gun Kelly performs drunk face, all I know & bloody valentine on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
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      Yea lil peep was pretty good

    2. Jason Pinilla

      2021 is the year of Colson! Grammy bound! He killed it! 🙏🏻 I can’t stop listening

    3. Truth Bringer

      The tailor swift male version lol

    4. Magali Gaebler

      This is so AMAZING, please more of IT.

    5. Ken Rapolla

      Do you like Argo Crossing dirt I know Machine Gun Kelly

    6. jeffoenami

      Is this song on Spotify??

      1. Ember Wonky Wrong

        I wish

    7. Adam Cundiff

      Been here since till I die part 2

    8. Antony Duckett

      When will this be on Spotify

    9. Wissle

      did you know that this was lipsynced? the microphone hes using is dynamic whereas his voice is condensed

    10. Pumezo Dulwini

      M.g.k he the goat

    11. Cristina

      this is what you call talented

    12. Konstantine K


    13. Mark Edwards

      I really wasn't a big fan of MGK, always thought his rap was average and a bit poo. But this is brilliant, I have listened to this album continuously and I love it. Really hope we get more of him in this genre it suits him and personally think it's his best work to date.

    14. Kashfia Islam

      Machine Gun Kelly was only 5’0” when he was 12 years old.

    15. Adam Peters

      This along with many other live performances need to have records you can buy, majority of live performances are severely underrated.

    16. Ross B

      MGK is very talented!!!

    17. Z3RO


    18. Vukasin Fodor

      This is what he becomes after Eminems killshot and kamikaze

    19. Miskwa Migizi

      @CoreyTaylor Please don't hate...

    20. jorja puffer

      Someone tell me is that an mpc??? It’s dope

      1. 잔나비 세실

        Yes it seems like it

    21. zachy

      As the kids would call it... "pog"

    22. Kaygee Segun

      Can’t get enough of this. Such a nice medley

      1. Angelina Perez


    23. EST19XX Ordonez

      0:10 is where he starts!!

    24. berikk

      lovely. but that camera makes it looks so artistic. wow

    25. Gill 00

      When he said "shish" I melted

    26. Andrew Gomes


    27. Drew Stephens

      nice pre record sounds incredible

    28. Robert Chewning

      I don't even argue with people anymore when they tell me MGK isn't good. EST 19XX

    29. Hilary Thorne

      So talented

    30. Scarlett Barber

      This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you.

    31. E.zDaKiD

      You can’t say this man isn’t just simply Amazing. Been here since day ☝️ and watching him evolve has been Literally the best thing ever!!

    32. Knute

      Nothing more punk than the colour pink 🤘

    33. JaviTheIdiot

      dang it now I miss my mohawk

    34. Kashfia Islam

      Machine Gun Kelly hit puberty very late.

    35. Kerry Egan

      I like all three of these songs separately but this sounds amazing it flows together really well 😍😍

    36. Ava Price

      the fact that his voice sounds the same live as it does when it was recorded is amazing

    37. Nikos Matalliotakis

      Lyrics: I'm still young, wasting my youth I'll grow up next summer I'm back on that girl I quit I should've lost her number I'm overcompensating for heartbreak I swallowed a thing that was in a heart shape Her hands on my chest, feelin' my heartbeat She spillin' her drink all on my car seat She'll get attached and then trap me Then I gotta act like I'm happy She posts pics to get at me Déjà vu, it's like last week All I know is I don't know nothin' All I know is I don't know nothin' at all People talk, but they don't say nothin' All I know is I don't know nothin' at all No license, I'm still ridin' Crashed into a tree and kept drivin' My label hates that I'm like this I gotta go through shit to keep writin' All these girls, I don't want none of them But I know I'll end up with one of them My life on the outside's fun to them But the person on the inside is crumblin' I'm overstimulated and I'm sad I don't expect you to understand It's nothing less than true romance Or am I just makin' a mess? In my head, in my head I'm lyin' naked with you, yeah In my head, in my head I'm ready to die holding your hand I don't do fake love But I'll take some from you tonight (Take some from you tonight) I know I've got to go But I might just miss the flight I can't stay forever, let's play pretend And treat this night like it'll happen again You'll be my bloody valentine tonight

    38. Jade Coon

      I listen to this video every day 💞💞

    39. Ailene Mae Llantino

      This is SUPERB!

    40. Mad Martigan

      All I know is that I know nothing. Socrates said that I think.

    41. Tendayi Mushayi

      Pure talent


      Um... this is NOT live.

      1. 잔나비 세실

        this is.. he's singing live.

    43. 잔나비 세실

      For those who want to know what sampling workstation he's using - it looks like a customized Akai MPC One

    44. Fabrizio Vecchione


    45. Markotron3000

      I still wanna see some more MGK / Eminem drama. I wanna see a celebrity boxing match between them or if MGK banged Em's daughter, that would be incredible

    46. Markotron3000

      What is the drum machine / looper device MGK is using here?

      1. 잔나비 세실

        @Markotron3000 they do~ they're all-in-one and standalone

      2. Markotron3000

        @잔나비 세실 do they normally work as loopers?

      3. 잔나비 세실

        it looks like a customized Akai MPC One

    47. lil shroomie

      anyone know what controller he's using at the side?

      1. 잔나비 세실

        it looks like a customized Akai MPC One

    48. Audra Mayo

      Loved it!

    49. Panda Bear

      Its funny because a few years ago my neighbor was one of the producers working with him and i wouldnt even give him an ear... but now he has all my attention. Love everything he is doing.

    50. PRIME EVIL!

      Why can't there be a mastered version of this mashup

    51. Misha Marie

      its lie k the white vans.............................

    52. Dalton Lilly

      Man it's so easy to root for mgk's success. Been a fan for a decade and always exceeds expectations.

    53. Spirit Spirit

      Which I like the most in this live session is the woman sound Ah...R.....

    54. julissaaa villegass


    55. T0XIC_VEN0M

      This is so 🔥

    56. Hugskevl

      still on that 'girl' i quit. understandable

    57. Trinity Key

      Go colson

    58. leffy

      *Eminem only has rap hits, you have rap and Rock hits, and play many instruments* you're the most talented bro.

    59. Aman Pathak

      Mgk is amazing

    60. idlehands1111111111

      I used to like MGK, now I love him.

    61. simpleagain1

      God damn this sucks! Is this what passes as music/art today? David Bowie is howling with laughter from beyond the grave

    62. Newdog101 Peace

      This is 🔥🔥

    63. James Shield

      This is so flipping awesome . Dude , Mr Baker , you are beyond talented 🔥

    64. Brian Henson

      i listen to this song everyday while im cooking on suboxone

    65. Samundra Xtha

      He iz multi tallented...he know dat to rap and how to rock

    66. pluviophile

      Fucking crazy transitions wtf

    67. Janis B

      I need this guitar

    68. Hard in Ze Paint

      @1:15 literally verbatim Word for Word stolen lyrics from operation Ivy a REAL 80-90s punk band. Og punk Ska heads know this ain’t it. This is that Pop punk bridge pushed in us by good Charlotte Avril etc. yo steak from a band that is well respected in the niche punk scene know this schrick won’t last full comedicr review on mgk bloody valentine album, peep the Review and ex’s friend

      1. 잔나비 세실

        he said in an interview that he asked and got permission from them.

    69. Tyler Boos

      Dude fucking killed it

    70. Hritik Kamble

      0:59 kinda sounds like lucid dreams .....

    71. gon gon

      What is the brand of jumpsuit he wears?

    72. Charity Cheree

      Colson you have an awesome talent and absolutely gorgeous.

    73. hirota

      mgk is pink

    74. Vienna Vice

      Amazing Feature???

    75. Yessika de la Cruz

      I LOVE IT


      EMINEM ❣

    77. Eli Wong

      The pink props are so nice

    78. Malivolus J

      He sings so well!!! Please stay in whatever genre you just created! Thank you MGK! --Starts @ 0:08 (We all want to avoid Jimmy Kimmel xd)

    79. Carmella Houk

      nanumnumnumnumnumna just tonight

    80. Carmella Houk

      i gotta go through ssshhhhh to keep writin

    81. Piwerko

      Can someone tell me how's called that instrument with black buttons?

      1. 잔나비 세실

        they're sampling workstations~ this one looks like a customized Akai MPC One

    82. AGOUYAM

      The 🐐

    83. Deacon Frost

      Best livish performance I've ever seen🤘🤘🤘

    84. Kayla Casey

      I watch this like 5 times a week lol. He’s grown so much from when I first started watching him. Can’t wait for what he puts out in the future

    85. J. Long

      Amazing 🤩

    86. luj TV

      Camera movement is lit

    87. satanas satanas


    88. lore castro

      Tremendo artista 💕 es perfecto

    89. Ken Lore


    90. Jerry Tan

      Looking like Colton Dixon here

    91. zahra rnj

      THE BEST

    92. Loading Feels

      yo mgk you should do the drunk face acoustic full please

    93. Paqs21 Frealz

      This is literally the coolest thing ive heard/ seen

    94. uhmanduh88

      This is what bliss sounds like

    95. Jessica ave

      Kells is the most talented artist ever

    96. J J

      lil peep was so much better this dude sounds too commercial zzzzzzzz

    97. Oliver Louis Jagd Miehe-Renard

      that was.. terrible

      1. Esteban Carrillo


    98. Kashfia Islam

      Machine Gun Kelly’s natural eye color is the same as John Deacon’s wife, Veronica Tetzlaff’s natural eye color.