Machine Gun Kelly - LATELY (Official Music Video)


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    Machine Gun Kelly's album Binge is available now!
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing LATELY. © 2018 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. J D

      anyone care to explain why he's bent over, there?

    2. Marina Sentanio

      2:03 21 savage what u doinnn stealin his stuff boiii? 🤣🤧

    3. G B

      More people than he knows can probably relate.

    4. Nick Rohe

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    5. zachary Lucas


    6. Sady Rau


    7. J Hood

      Y’all check out my version of lately

    8. J Hood lately

    9. Star_Gaz3r

      This is some wack mumble rap shit but its very catchy!

      1. TheHornsfan37

        Nah, not a mumble here, take that weak ass criticism elsewhere

      2. Devin

        Mumble? Not a single word in this song is mumble but ok

    10. Michelle madonia


    11. WorldwideEntertainment

      EST:19** Na the government rather us divided. #2021-idk forever F*** the government.

    12. Lars Gamper

    13. Boston Emily

      fun fact E.S.T E.veryone S.tand T.ogether 19xx in his song *HALO* when he was 22 he told us about est's double meaning 19xx.... he is changing to XX because there are fans both born in the 1900s and the 2thousands (19xx but also 20xx) and there will be ones in the 3thousands long after we are all gone. so if thats you in the future..HI! love you!

    14. Roi Noah Fernandez


    15. Isaac Conarroe

      This does not help anyone. Trash. Should be condemned for even uploading

      1. TheHornsfan37

        Whack ass comment, take it else where

    16. Alexandros Riger

      This is one of the hardest songs ever

    17. nick hadley


    18. Fearless Rook

      What does this song remix to. Someone please tell me

    19. muziq empire

      anyone here in 2021

    20. Shaddy Shaddy

      mgk I don't want to be with her shocks 🤘🏻🤘🏻🖕🏻

    21. AKAydraMC

      what a good chorus

    22. David Ullrich

      I love like people say this is the mumble album em wow, how much shit can you put inside your mouth just to defend em didnt do his homework and build his diss around bullshit

    23. Debbie Marr

      Love and respect brother 🙏

    24. Marcus Blaszczyk


    25. Paul Louca


    26. Jesse Ellis

      Yo real talk the first time i heard this song i was going through lwt me tell you what..shit hits hard when its true, demons aint the only ones up at night is so true, the way in living shit gets crazy dark, man..what..Kells said it all in a few words.

    27. theMATtube

      Who loves the old and new Kells as well?😏🔥❤️

    28. yellowmellow941


    29. idham zaki

      this shit is hard

    30. Yaruishang Jagoi

      Hate or love him Binge was not a mumble rap album.. Change my mind??

      1. Adam Noyb


    31. Draco Tuftscuts

      Sirius tings ✨ 💛

    32. Nathan Beck

      I like the earrings

    33. roxxistarr21

      Watching this realizing Megan fox was wearing his Fuck you ring

    34. Ista Pic

      who is in 2021

    35. Andre D23

      Bro I was going thru his music and clicked on this one, one of the best accidents ever!!

    36. Kelly Marie

      23M views ain't nearly enough views 😭

    37. Synn Vasquez


    38. alicia

      this is amazing work. oh the ring Megan fox was wearing and everyone thought they were engaged was the ring in this vid lmao

    39. Vlad52i29


    40. Draco Tuftscuts

      Love ya bro- Dracothebarber, Cole Harbour, NS, Canada 🇨🇦 you already know lol


      Flow is gold

    42. Elias Zee

      your life is the same with mine

    43. Cartelspmx Annihilated

      Talented rapper to bad most of his new music is pretty boy shit

    44. Lathan Blansett

      ME TOO

    45. Zafer Kaya


    46. Cindy Lou

      I’m older, but I like this guy

    47. Arthas Junior


    48. Zafer Kaya


    49. emma bobby


    50. Tony Mares


    51. SaltCitizen

      I remember when people acted like MGK wasnt fire during that beef. Look at our boy now :)

    52. mayank shivhare


    53. Jasmine Tucker

      I used to have a little blue speaker end when the bass drops it would make it go in circles it was pretty cool I wish I still had that speaker

    54. mark vel


    55. Jordan Lovo


    56. Shiloh Redding


    57. AlCopne gang


    58. Regan Pike


    59. Jake sheets

      I have been Listening to this so much LATELEY 🔥🔥🔥

    60. Halina Huber


    61. trey jackson


    62. David K Miller Photography

      3:50am and this song is way too relatable.


      Fucking love this 🔥🔥

    64. Megan Druen


    65. SAYEAR

      Check my channel guys

    66. Christian Taylor

      Who’s here in 2021?

    67. DANNY D

      MGK 🔥

    68. AluHeytz

      Im An Eminem Fan But Damn This Is Lit Ill Subs


      this is actually pretty good

    70. AL Alvarez

      I still think rap devil murders em anyday mgk keep up the great music 🎶 ,🤘🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    71. LazerBeam

      hey MGK you are a real MVP i just love you and your music this one 1-10 i give it a 315243256262423232727263

    72. Steve Tactics

      It be the shit that they don’t know. I only smile in public just for show

    73. Steve Tactics

      I’m still dealing with some demons that ain’t really there

    74. White Lives Matter

      Eminem > MGK

      1. Alexis Mott

        Why you on all his music if you think its trash. We dont fuckin need you hear

    75. White Lives Matter

      This song is hot trash.

    76. lucas coder

      * promise myself I ain't never going home,9 years old my momma left me in the cold,what you think that shit do to your soul, finally find someone that love me but I treat her like a hoe * this hit so deep🙃

    77. KELLS GR.

      Happy new year to all of you.🎆🎇 Now many of u gonna start this who's here in 2021 shit😂..... Just feel the vibe man don't do that shit....

    78. Josh Gustafson

      Watched this on acid. Trippy haha

    79. jesse davidson

      This song changed something in me, I swear.

    80. Casey Beck

      ppl really disliked the shit out of this song because it was released around the time of his and Em’s beef 😂😂 in reality it’s fire

    81. Creully Aleistair

      I really just don't know what to do, I feel half dead and really don't like the options we currently have.

    82. Adolf Hitler


    83. Emmanuel Nwankwo


    84. shea


    85. DJUBOVS

      I don't need ro be quarantined to listen to this.

    86. LUCK-E RAWAT


    87. Andiswa Ngubane

      He called me a mumble rapper?!

    88. Kristen Fry


    89. Euphoric Snowflake

      Everyone commenting shit about eminem and not about the song, yall geeks boring

    90. Annesa Simon


    91. Derrick YT

      Upchurch sounds way better

    92. Jsnekend Jdnenrjd

      Mgk needa make a song like this again !!!

    93. Rooster Roo

      This song reminds me a little of juice wrld

    94. Abdullahi Ahmed Mohamed

      His underarm tato is 🔥

    95. Jessie Gerdes

      MGK killed this one

    96. Lydia Montgomery

      With all those tattoos how do you draw blood?

    97. Blank

      Lately I’ve been having crazy thoughts 🔥

    98. thecat'sinthebag andthebagisintheriver

      by 7th grade i never had a bed i had a chair, why the fuck you think i go so Hard Fo I Got Outta There

    99. Kristin Gloomis

      I saw this video about this song and.. to clarify he had a cousin that was schizophrenia and tried to kill him in his sleep. He talks about it in his song "The Return" that's why he says it here.