my ex's best friend/bloody valentine (New Year's Rockin' Eve Performance 2020/Medley)


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    Machine Gun Kelly performs my ex's best friend & bloody valentine on New Years Rockin Eve!
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    1. BigMac

      Auto tune

    2. YungBlondeDonXX 27

      Normal people see a guy dressed in pink, rocking out I see the 18 year old, bald headed Kells writing rhymes in his basement with Slim, barely dreaming of moments like this to finally making it to some of the world's biggest stages. All while trying to raise a daughter and battle depression, addiction, among other things. This dude is real and anyone who actually knows anything about him can see it too. Love you Kells!

    3. chellecat

      A Hot Topic store exploded all over MGK!

    4. Steffen B

      Damn dude, you could've at least brought a fake guitarist who held a guitar before in his life

    5. Kashfia Islam

      Machine Gun Kelly was only 5’0” when he was 12 years old.

    6. Ross B

      MGK is awesome live!!!

    7. Alyssa Goussard

      I love you. So much mgk

    8. sindy lmao

      when he said " it's cold out here " randomly 😩

    9. misspretty301

      Oh so I guess he ain’t gangsta anymore didn’t work for him lol

    10. Kyleigh Brooke

      He has natural talent

    11. Ant Johnson


    12. Kashfia Islam

      Machine Gun Kelly hit puberty very late.

    13. Conal Flood

      Yo he threw the pick off the stage, in an interview, I think maybe the Howard Stern one, he said how he always wanted to that at a concert since going to rock concerts when he was younger. Thats so cool

    14. Nicolae Liviu Cercelaru

      Eminem changed your career , you are a rockstar now, it will pass and you will be forgoten 👋👋👋

    15. Upek Hathnagoda

      No words ❤️

    16. Amy Pink

      LdssEMQl lm really,. Fd a.....

    17. Kerry Egan

      He really does look cute in anything 🔥🔥😍😍

    18. All Tilt

      King of covid Dude killed it

    19. lore castro


    20. Esteban Carrillo

      4:58 that guys knows how to catch a flying guitar.

    21. Kashfia Islam

      Machine Gun Kelly’s natural eye color is the same as John Deacon’s wife, Veronica Tetzlaff’s natural eye color.

    22. Piper

      I like your songs can you give me a shout out after your other song Pwease🥺🥺🥺

    23. izaisboring

      i'm so ready to go to his concerts let's gOOOOOO

    24. Melanie. H

      love your songs so much 🔥❤💯

    25. fireus tulip garanchon


    26. jake g

      i use that "it's cold out here" line all the time now lol

    27. The used Fan

      Why doses every one have to wear face mask but mgk

    28. The One True Gamer

      Been to his concert before, that cold made his voice raspy asf.

    29. Boaz Oakenshield

      At 3:18 one of the guitarist’s straps breaks so he sita down

    30. Boaz Oakenshield

      I think travis is on drums !

    31. Isabel Sayers

      Can we just appreciate MGKs hair and outfit omg 😱🥰

    32. Sarah Elizabeth

      The fact they didn't switch camera angles to the close up fan service he was giving us in the middle (4:00) was an absolute TRAGEDY!!

    33. Javi del Val

      lmfao mgk nearly broke the fuckin mic with the clappin

    34. Javi del Val

      3:18 LMFAOOO come on man fuckin pathetic you can't actually play FOUR FUCKIN CHORDS? and y'all call this punk smfh i honestly prefer them doing that trap garbage at least it's honest ·

    35. Javi del Val

      no one: kells: it's cold out here

    36. crash

      I feel bad for the guy. Without the pandemic, there would be a million people there for his show easy. And just to point out a few things. . . - no auto tune - no lip synced - plays his own instruments - writes his own music I have no idea why this guy isn't getting more credit for what he's doing. He's redefining an entire genre of music and doing it completely it on his own terms. The guy is making history by what he's doing and the critics downplay it because its "pop punk"?? Seriously, WTF? He deserves WAY more credit than what he gets.

    37. Joshua A

      Are we not gonna talk about how Hollywood makes you anything they want. This dude went from rapping to now playing the guitar in an alternative band ? Am I in the twilight zone?

    38. D乇VILツ GAMERS


    39. SuperGoat OG

      Rook is super good on the guitar

    40. ᗩᘻᗷᘿᖇ

      All the unused balls and confetti that just flies in front of the band, makes it all look sad. Just shows how much Covid has sucked the life out of things.

    41. Aries

      I thought the guitarist was pulling some AC/DC type shit laying on the floor, now I know it's because his strap just broke off. Mad respect tho, dude kept the vibe going



    43. Valentina Garrido

      Pink is tickets to my downfall official color

    44. Kaini Hrangbung

      One of the best performance ever.....❤️❤️❤️

    45. Cyber Wolf

      Who saw this on TV?

    46. pat

      Hes copyin Lil peep so hard Its so sad he doesnt have any own stuff and style a must to copy that :(

      1. Yami Mahō

        You must be deaf bruh, lil peep has kind of a slow melodic song while mgk here has a fast phased upbeat song

    47. alex yokeley

      i tied ti warch this live but the peopel that were with me were being super loud and i couldnt hear him

    48. ava conway-dyer


    49. Nathan Lehn

      Fuck yes

    50. israel mendoza

      Would love to go to a full concert of this album!!!!!

    51. katie crabb


    52. Blanka Augustino

      Poor MGK playing to blow up balls. I love the pink. Xx

    53. Watermelon Sugar High

      in my yead In my yead I'm hugging colson in NY

    54. Lorie Anderson


    55. Virag Jain


    56. A.A. Weaver

      so eminem destroyed him so bad he had to start an emo band.

      1. A.A. Weaver

        @Ivy Hnin mgk will always be stuck in a perpetual 13 year olds state of mind. his target market is pre teen to mid teen. kind of gross.

      2. Ivy Hnin

        No, the unnecessary hate pushed him to stop caring about what people think of him, and just do what he wants.

    57. Jessy Arah Posadas


    58. IBK Attmpt

      The little look the guitarist gave when the strap broke and camera was on him💀

    59. nillawat

      Loving the downfalls high guitar!

    60. Kat Hall

      I fken hate this NEW NORMAL. Bring back the times when we could go to see our heroes, live, at concerts, NOT JUST A SELECTED FEW. Damn it. I'd give anything to bring my child to see him, I hope this stops before my time stops. Please stay safe, healthy, kind, strong and happy everyone, peace and much love sent from Ontario, Canada.

    61. Jan Bab


    62. Heather Todd

      Guitar strap breaks camera pans away. Camera pans back guitarist is just rolling around the stage 😂😂😂

    63. Steven Ellerbee

      My honest opinion is that he's got the confidence, but MGK's vocals need some work. He's a great guitar player and the lyrics are great, but his vocals need some work. If he can learn to sing flawlessly, this good song will be turned into a great song. Just my opinion. Good performance nonetheless.

      1. Leroy Searles

        When was punk about good vocals?

    64. Kai Bruntmyer

      I’ve watched this an unhealthy amount of times

    65. Random Bros

      "Its cold out here" 🤣

    66. Naia Meyers

      And people still don’t wanna wear masks. Like we could be in front of machine gun jelly but NOPE🙃

    67. Keeiz

      Let’s fucking goooo

    68. christopher walker

      I enjoyed the vlog! 😃 You have to work with Bad Friends. Their videos low-key are like David Dobrik mixed with Mike Majlak! They are the coolest friend group in America and they legitly get lit all the time. You should most definitely see their HUgets out and give the boys a like! 👉 #ShockingBadFriends

    69. Anthony Garcia

      Those beach balls are experiencing such a good show

    70. Frosty X16

      I LOVE IT....

    71. Nino Moudi

      first concert of MGK atfer this fake shit covid will be AMAZING

    72. Steven Fromm

      Probably the best crowd turnout since the Biden inauguration..

    73. Elis Aksu

      I love how the lead guitarist’s strap broke and he just started playing on the ground. It was such quick thinking.

    74. Deluxeone

      Am I the only one who says his true doesn't sound good at all?!

    75. Polar Lenny Beats

      gotta respect the guitarist who said "fuck it i'll just jam on the floor and act as if it's part of the act"

    76. Carlos Peregrina

      faking guitar playing sucks

    77. Noah Bak

      Did great but wish there was a better crowd for him

    78. Lina Malina

      So proud of you my sweet baby boy 🥰

    79. Toxic Gou kuki

      Let's u thanks to eminem killshot is not a diss track it's a motivation for mgk because he left rap game and now he himself finally found his own hidden talent in pop punk 😂 genre

    80. quark

      In my yyed, in my yyed I couldn't hear anything you said.

    81. Racc Black

      get that damn autotune off his voice in ex's best friend he dont need that sht

    82. Ws Nivia21

      Its not entertaining when the crowd is not there to Yell and cheer for him 😣

    83. Nessa&tato !

      I can stop listening to my ex’s best friend and bloody valentines

    84. Jesze Miklos

      Lol so bad it’s funny

    85. Myella Torres

      He’s such an amazing performer, he deserved a large crowd 🥺💕

    86. Sheanea Powell

      Sexy in pink 😍 enjoyed this!

    87. Evelynroze Music

      Omer is just having the time of his life up there with that guitar 🎸💓

    88. Tiffani Prohaska

      I love this band

    89. Doctor Pablo

      This guy was literally dissing Eminem 2 years ago.

    90. Oliver Venables

      the black car is invisible

    91. Higher

      singing to beach balls

    92. MuscleCarJ


    93. Georgie

      Shout out to the 2 mgk fans

    94. Happy Hippo

      When the guitarists strap burst off and he played it off by rolling on the floor

    95. CryingInUrArms

      Ayyye les go!

    96. Katelyn Marie


    97. Leox

      I like your songs but your new hair is awful dude

    98. Syara Cooper

      his hair is sick tho

    99. Kirsten Arbon

      So happy for you kiddo! Great job

    100. brentdeems

      As a drummer...the drum fill at 4:02 is insane. So, so good. Every time. EST for life.