Machine Gun Kelly ft. blackbear - my ex's best friend (Official Music Video)


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    Machine Gun Kelly ft. Blackbear - My Ex's Best Friend is available now:
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    Directed by Van Alpert
    Produced by Douglas Kerr
    Production Co. Alldayeveryday

    Stunt Coordination by Bryan McCoy
    Cinematography by Daniel Williams
    Featuring Fortuna Aliu

    Edited by Nick Rondeau, Vinnie Hobbs and Chris Simmons
    VFX by ingenuity
    Color by ingenuity

    Special Thanks:
    Jacki Calleiro
    Drivers Eye
    Germano Assuncao
    Action Vehicle Engineering
    Real Mccoy Stunts
    Faeth Gruppe

    #MachineGunKelly #Blackbear #MyExsBestFriend
    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, blackbear performing my ex's best friend. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. ツLily

      This relates to a guy im talking too (my best friends ex) and i kinda like him but i dont wanna upset her..

    2. alexis garcia


    3. Vasilii Kolosov


    4. whitechocolate0620

      The insurance premiums on his videos must be astronomical 😐

    5. Scotty Bowles

      F gdv

    6. Jay Byrd

      "Your eyes already told me what you never said" - that's a great line. I have this song on loop currently

    7. Ryan Leahan

      blackbear ruined this idc

    8. Jeremy Wulff

      Whodda thunk when this man dropped “Till I Die” we’d see him collab with Blackbear in a more touching, emotional, fun, rollercoaster vibe old-school rock vibe song, Ight I’m out.

    9. Abhishek Bhargav

      I Wanna scream bruh this song❤❤❤❤

    10. Mike Jones

      Eso si Toda musica es buna

    11. Fe4RLess

      Rocket league moment

    12. Victoria Amey

      Dat my girl she my boo I'm a boy btw

    13. Mark Farrell

      First time I heard it . Mehh Fourth time I heard it. Catchy Now I'm listening to it on repeat 🙄😂😂🤘

    14. Adrianna

      MGK IS SO FINE!!

    15. Kendric Bennett-Fairbanks


    16. no one

      This song makes me want to be emo

    17. WTFGamer

      When you are afraid of Eminem "take u turn and go pop" 🤭

    18. Wyatt Lindeau

      honestly what hes doing looks fun

    19. Jessica Spring


    20. VideoGame Gameplay

      The instrumental is great.👍

    21. Sasha Johnson


    22. 20_0303_ Gama attsauri

      Ganggu iklan Lo ajg

    23. Jeowin Teo

      Im giving mgk a chance

    24. витя грищенко


    25. 6 Popular 6 Hell 6

      I hate that i think this is actually good...not trve kvlt... but good

    26. Afomiya Bahre

      This song deserves the attention it got even more😍😘

    27. J_R 777

      Lol this is truly a simulation because this is trash

    28. Brandon Shaw

      Just another fuck boy anthem. This is literal garbage. I don’t care about their money, cars and or big houses. This is not talent in the slightest of bits. Very 303 reminiscent Hollywood undead ear aches.

    29. Elliot Boulanger

      pretty good ^^

    30. Kady 08

      I seriously gotta put this song on the hour version so I don’t need to keep rewinding it to the beginning

    31. AGUSTÍN

    32. SC Spadez

      Man's eyes look like the ocean jeez

    33. Mackenzie W

      all of my friends HATE this song and now i haven’t talked to them for 4 weeks now✨

    34. Matthew Castle

      MGK went bubble gum pop eh? Downhill since eminem


      I sang this 20 times

    36. x0miia._

      omg omg I lovee

    37. LegendarySiegexxx

      I don’t like MGK, this is one of my favorite songs

    38. Peyton Macom

      Eminem beat the rap out of him

    39. captain shenanigans

      I guess mgk finally found his lane.

    40. Scarlett Barber

      This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you ❣️

    41. myalyn calixto


    42. Ryantony

      For the record, he didn’t “quit rap/switch genres” because of beef with Em. That’s just stupid and I mean Hotel Diablo was an all rap and banger of an album that came out after the beef. All them stans just want something to hate cause they too small minded to realize you can like both Em and Kells cause they both extremely talented. “Switched genres” wtf smh

      1. Ryan Chambers

        That "beef" was fake. Why all of a sudden did a comment about MGK saying something about Eminem's daughter get brought back up years later and both albums from Eminem and MGK had the same producer working with both of them? The beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B was more real and they showed more balls than both guys since they had people from both sides actually get physical with the other side.

    43. Jan Coeg!

      Tried to diss slim shaddy, and he realized, he better on this genre, it's dope

    44. Gabriella kalimukwa

      I'm loving this.

    45. Douglas J


    46. Samantha Duff I love u

      This look so fun 😁😁😁😁😁

    47. Lin ming

      i have an ex‘s best friend

    48. Jesse Otero


    49. 55timdogg

      This song is on fire

    50. Sierra Kramer

      omg thanks for the likes ; 0

    51. Rob Card

      im sorry. tbh this is the best google recommendation music ive heard in my 40 years of planet earth. 2 minute crack, er, track. that aint sayayin much

    52. Ange Netherton


    53. Rob Card

      kids guitar said ketchup? ketsup ?lol my grammasaid

    54. ImDaNoob

      If u go to spotify and listen to this awesome song there a vid in the background playing in this part 1:41

    55. tabitha taylor


    56. coco tuki

      i swear to god

    57. Prissy Cano


    58. Jamy Ordonez


    59. PGDERON

      porra menor muito brabo, te amo... ❤👽

    60. Missy Ann

      this song is my favrite song

    61. Matthew Smith

      Wow this was a hot mess, Eminem fucked you up bad didn't he? 😂

      1. Devin

        Mgk's been doing this his entire career but ok go ahead and bring up a 3 year old beef lmaoo

    62. Wheres Waldo

      cant wait for the tour

    63. Gio Please

      I’m becoming a fan of his music. I hear this song and the one with Halsey at the gym all the time and I love both songs.

    64. savi

      This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you.

    65. joshua lalloo

      Not rock it’s just alternative

    66. robert cordova

      Omg always

    67. Caden Pawl

      Hi you are cool bro

    68. Ross B

      Good song!

    69. Bitcoin Master

      Trash af still

    70. Forget It Brian

      Yall betta thank Charlamagne. He birthed this

    71. CLDesigns

      MGK made a fucking JAM! I love this. Eminem killed him but he responds with this! Such a good song

      1. Devin

        Can't even write a sentence abt this man, even if it's positive feedback, without mentioning a three year old beef?

    72. terryq5150

      My 5th Death! TKQ

    73. Najir Owens

      if this was real kelly you would of died on your owne

    74. The Art Room

      Guilty pleasure

    75. Jay_Ort12 3

      𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚘𝚋𝚐 𝚒𝚜 𝚊 𝚋𝚘𝚋

    76. D Chief

      Proof Rock is dead.

    77. Vanessa Martin

      I love this song 🥰🥰🥰

    78. Tobias Wüstemann

      absolut gay

      1. Ádám Lukács


    79. matthew mustin

      Yo I love this song

    80. Mira Wondafication

      thats so boring.. sorry, far away from Kurt!

    81. Nick Rohe

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    82. Allen Han

      Eminem killed MGK so hard. MGK changed genres and now does Pop-Rock instead of rap. Probably realize he can't be the best white rapper while Em is alive, so he decided to change genres.

      1. Ádám Lukács

        Ure wrong and stfu

    83. morgan clowers


    84. Joyannah Ogweno

      Mgk:I swear to God I never fall in love Me:I swear to God I love this song

    85. Cherrelle Willis

      I love this song!

    86. Steve Henry

      Yo this is fire 🔥

    87. CLDesigns

      Lol put a guitar in it and everyone calls it "rock" Uncultured swine lmaooo Great song though

    88. Rene Oosthuizen

      I've never listened to a song sbkany times 😂luv u mgk

    89. Carlos Garcia

      The aftermath of Eminem...smh🤦🏼

    90. L M

      Love it 🖤🎸🔥

    91. Ronald Coleman

      Some of the gayest rock thats been released. Sad that 2020/21 still has this shit

    92. Jesse Parsons

      I thought it was K Pop

    93. ShanOT Walker

      I like good music!!! WIth respect, he's got some good, clean dirty, licks

    94. Christian Gregersen

      Love this fing song soo much mgk no matter where ye goes kills everything just makes him a better artist being able to switch up like he did

    95. Madison Huff

      i came from the radio

    96. SpartaBlak

      Loving this song so much

    97. John Heitzer

      My man Kel's doing big things good job bro

    98. ASS PIZZA

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 when u read this tatum Paige I LOVE you!!!!!!!!