Machine Gun Kelly - Downfalls High


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    Downfalls High, a film by Machine Gun Kelly & Mod Sun
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, Halsey, blackbear performing Downfalls High. © 2021 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. amy amy

      imagine if lil peep was still alive and mgk and lil peep would have a collab ...

    2. Cari Buckingham

      It's Travis Barker 4 me

    3. anna w

      I’m not crying you are like I’m not crying at all like at all there are no tears NO TEARS coming out of my eyes. Only your eyes.

    4. amy amy

      wow what the hell im crying this is the best thing that could happen to me rn

    5. Trey Beerbower

      Mos def

    6. Daniel Gonzalez

      Eminem dissed this dude into a whole other genre

      1. Eric Mcanany

        You’re not welcome, keep EM in your prayers

    7. Florida Punk Archivist

      Florida appreciates you MGK! Fantastic job by the Barker duo as well. Really enjoyed the Blink and Operation Ivy references

    8. Josh Anders

      Quote of the year: why do people believe in happy endings/ I felt that :(

    9. Panda gurl

      Charli be like watching this... wha-😶😳

    10. Vextro

      More of this you are bron for this shit with this you can feels the pain you have and fuck you label they have to deal with it

    11. TC

      what happened to him, last time i saw him he was dissing eminem dont remember him being like this? no hate just curious

    12. J D

      wow. mgk was almost a person. he literally wrote a song called hollywood whore where he denounced this kind of shit, and in the first ten minutes he just goes ahead and 180s the whole thing. it's like two different people. for fans of this crap, good for you; i'm glad you enjoy it. for fans of mgk way back, i'm sorry that this is where it went. i don't understand. what happened to our chip off the block? hair plugs?

    13. Trey Schoenwetter

      when Em disses you so hard that you change your music genre

    14. GÊØRGÊ G

      Y this album inspiring me to have dreams of being a music artist

    15. artika

      This was the best thing that i ever seen

    16. Yvette Benton

      I loved this!

    17. Ivory Smith

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    18. Oliver Moore

      Em destroyed his rap career so now he switched rock

    19. Matthew W

      this is a literal movie

    20. Jack Animations

      the ending tho

    21. Jack Animations

      that took a harsh turn, im sad now.

    22. Existential_raccoon MUSIC

      I like mgk, but I’ve been laughing at how edgy they wrote huddy to be

    23. ATH13N4

      What a masterpiece. its loud. so loud. in the right way.

    24. kattie cavazos

      i love you

    25. Brandon McGillis

      This has been my playlist the last two weeks , I have a feeling it’s going to be much longer.

    26. jabbz

      Thank you for existing, and sharing your perspective, I appreciate it profoundly!

    27. KLZ3 6012

      I thought this was gonna be a movie. is it gonna be a movie?

    28. LPlays

      Am Ithe only one who thinks phoinex looks like lil huddy LOL

    29. Viaichel Castro

      imma be commenting my reaction with time stamps

      1. Viaichel Castro

        this was reallly good

      2. Viaichel Castro

        44:04 that did not make a good statement

      3. Viaichel Castro

        41:23 bruh i have mascara onnnn

      4. Viaichel Castro

        24:18 yes please lihuddy do it for me

      5. Viaichel Castro

        23:27 damn life is so delicate he lost two people

    30. Jacob

      is that lil huddy?

    31. Kathleen


    32. Lindsay Wescoat

      😍Incredible!! K S, what's up??

      1. Lindsay Wescoat

        @K S Of course we can!! No worries dear friend, we'll talk soon!! Please stay safe!😘💖🤗🥔

      2. K S

        @Lindsay Wescoat Friend,Can we talk tomorrow?I need to go Now.I'll surely come tomorrow.✨

      3. Lindsay Wescoat

        @K S 😍😂😂😂Ur good @ this!!!!😂😂💯💯💯

      4. K S

        I'm Fast😂But not very much!!😁

    33. Lenard Jacaban

      can you imagine how devastated he would've been if he knew she was pregnant T.T

      1. 잔나비 세실

        @Grace Rose at 41:10 read her journal entry

      2. Grace Rose

        @잔나비 세실 when?

      3. 잔나비 세실

        he found out...

    34. Brazy_Burritos


    35. sara demeterova

      🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 chase no charli damelio end chase

    36. Emily klinedinst

      When Felix cut his ear I was like 👁👄👁

    37. Raccoon :d

      My name is scarlet.....

    38. Jonathan Castolenia

      Love the trivis barker line lol

    39. King JuJu

      saddest thing ive ever seen but everything in here is something that mgk went through so i feel sad for mgk now

    40. Mekaxxibal

      this is my 10th time watching this am i surprise? no.

    41. louise wesley

      ‘you think you’re so cool’ chase: WHAT??! ‘you’re so cool’ chase: wUutT⛓🥀🔫

      1. Stephanie Rodriguez


    42. Luke Rose

      The person on the inside is crumbling.... describes me. Ah well I’ve crumbled. My time is done now. This is the last song my ears will hear. I can’t do this. I’ve given up

      1. 잔나비 세실

        Don't give up, man. Your time isn't done. Cheer up ❤

    43. Leonardo Ferreira

      Now you must continue this as TV series MGK, Netflix is waiting for you dude! So many shit going on there, this would be way better and would have the greatest soundtrack!

    44. Кэссиди Оклер

      ill grow up next summer

    45. Coal Rocks

      A whole album in one video. I'm okay with this.

    46. Andrei FX

      Mgk changed a lot,in a good way ❤❤❤❤

    47. Farmboy1O2

      I enjoyed MGK's music when he was still rapping, he had some bars, but he does not belong on the Rock scene. Please don't stain this genre

    48. MSD

      Он теперь копирует миммику Меган Фокс

    49. armina zeal

      this is a fucking masterpiece

    50. Rajveer Raj

      Meanwhile EMINEM secretly watches....

    51. Ronit

      2:35 That hits harder then life

    52. Ainjel Heaslip

      anyone else just wanna hug him so tight and kiss him forever?

    53. PrismaticJunimo

      I want a full version of this so badly

    54. PrismaticJunimo

      This is definitely my most watched youtube video. Its so good


      What happen to you from a rapper from this nigga what you got roasted by Eminem and change your character WTF

    56. Meaningless Content

      I used to love your music but now you look and sound like elen degeneres became lead singer of good charlotte your not diverse no matter how hard you try to be i didnt wanna admit it but eminem obviously shattered you in that dis track battle cuz your fuckin aweful ever since then. Make some good music and stop trying to impress your irrelevent girlfriend with toe thumbs you lesbian. P.s in my eyes you would have won that rap battle if you didnt slump into this bulkshit panic at the disco phase. COME BACK

    57. Cadet Abrar

      This is revolution, this is a change. Go MGK we all are here to support you dude and i'll be watching this everyday for rest of my life

    58. Kailey Kruse

      This is a MASTERPIECE. Periodt.

    59. Matthew Hatch

      This is worth dying for right?

    60. Adrian Sexton

      Those red pants ain’t it

    61. Prince 504

      He switched to this genre because eminem ruined his rap career hahahahhaha

    62. Staci Anne Marie

      Huh... I’m into all music. It’s decent. I’m just really confused. That’s all.

    63. Blink

      Juice world wouldve been amazing on this song especially when the girl dies or when he cuts his ear off.

    64. Katy G

      music is dead sick, cute

    65. Timothy Savage

      Downfalls high is one of my favorites because if I could show people my life in last 3 years of my life this is what I would show people because it was beat and worst times in my life and alot of love for u mgk because most of ur songs has helped me out of worst times in my life and keep up the work

    66. Mj Mj


    67. Michael Kennedy

      So good, but so heart wrenching. Fuck.

    68. vinny sorrentino

      Why is lil huddy in this?

      1. vinny sorrentino

        thats what im sayin

    69. Saleena

      0:48 " I sold some tickets to come see my downfall" 44:41 "I'm selling tickets to my downfall"

    70. emachine556

      i'm here after watching kill shot. this is the aftermath when you diss em

    71. Leslee Scott

      Mod sun and Machine Gun Kelly made Magic with this one keep up the good work I would like to see one with Youngblood mod Sun Machine Gun Kelly black bear all-in-one 😎🤟🤟💚💯🔥masterpiece

    72. shmitty _

      yo wasn't this guy a rapper like 3 years ago

    73. One Of EveryThing

      that ending tho


      Eminem dissed MGK so hard he switched over to Blink 182 genre 🤣

    75. joanne brown's the pink guitar for me..!!!

    76. eduardo valdez

      this is top movie material its up with endgame

    77. Speetlebeetle

      I'm 22 and unsure of my path, but this honestly helps teach me to just be myself and treasure the moments I have with the people I love most... Hope others are happy with how they're doing, and I wish the best of luck to others who aren't.

    78. Stone Cutter

      Different style of music, but the band Pinegrove put out a project exactly the same as this and it came out on the same day as the original release of this. Both pretty cool ideas, long music videos with little stories in between and behind the music. Pinegroves was live though

    79. Speetlebeetle

      He made a concert and a show in 1 for all of us at home, and you have to respect that! Amazing job on it and I'll be watching this some more until concerts come back!

    80. Ty Cantrell

      Miss mom loves machine gun Kelly I'm technically using my mom's profile

      1. Ty Cantrell

        My mom loves machine gun Kelly I'm technically using her own profile

    81. Willow Poutu

      i love this video/movie its the best a romantic sad love story and chase did so well as pheonix

    82. Real Kayez

      After everything that has happened to MGK you have to give him props for this its an absolute masterpiece!

    83. Fr3ak DNA

      You know that movie you watch over and over when you’re a kid, this is it for adults.

    84. B dub

      33:13 catch me singing this... tuh

      1. B dub

        It was actually more like 32:52

    85. rshauntell

      that was worth 49:08 minutes of my life.

    86. Reinna Waseskuk

      This is the saddest song ever at the end someone cuts there ear off 💔💔💔

    87. Ahartwork

      Not even a big fan of him but this music video + his music worked so well. This was awesome.

    88. Reinna Waseskuk

      Me to

    89. Mac Daddy

      This whole idea was GENIUS!

    90. Zach Schaan

      MGK in lil huddy should make a song together(collab)

    91. Eli Corbett

      this is absolutely the worst cringe shit ive ever seen and I actually like this genre. Yeah Eminem fucking murked you but you shoulda kept your head up and put out some banger hip hop songs. the fuck is this?

    92. Zach Schaan

      My boi lil huddy tho

    93. Ulisses A


    94. Speed Runner0

      This video is so amazing but the movie part brings up bad memories

    95. Ella Brown

      imagine writing a diss about eminem.........

    96. Matt Nagle

      MGK is killing it. This is awesome...makes me wanna go back in time.

    97. Trevor Smith

      This was surprisingly entertaining to watch. I love how machine kelly is reminding me of those awesome early 2000s pop rock songs I was obsessed with. Im loving this new direction he's taking.

    98. Smantha Thomas

      Omg I love you so much u have absolutely changed my life and saved it multiple times thanks for everything you do love you 💜🔥😁🥳🤪

    99. justin bradford

      I’ve never listened to Machine Gun Kelly but this shit rocks!!!!!

    100. Mollie Helena

      who else thought that was lil huddy