Machine Gun Kelly - el Diablo [Official Music Video]


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    Machine Gun Kelly's Hotel Diablo album available everywhere now!
    Directed by Snuffy.NYC & Jimmy Regular
    Hotel Diablo Tour tickets on sale now
    Follow Machine Gun Kelly:
    #MachineGunKelly #elDiablo #HotelDiablo #MGK

    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing el Diablo. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. Firas

      15 million views so far ? So underated :(

    2. Alesia Simmons

      lmaoo ya Phil me 😂😂😂 › community Poker Mafia Crew! [hgti] ask me to join for crew! invite ...

    3. Mateo Hernández

      as an eminem fan, this is great

    4. HOT ASMR


    5. sarker nahid

      this boy is talented but he destroyed his career by dissing Em but also got more fame by dissing Em though🤣🤣

    6. Nick Rohe

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    7. akhil x

      am i die heart fan of eninem but i love this rap song also. bcoz he is fucking 🐐 .

    8. Ihopeyoufall666 BrandiAliceLemke

      12k well fuck 12 but there are 12 months in the year and I’m Ashura 8-18 is when the calendar starts in the Qua-ran my social provides it so yeah I knew I was the #timekeeper before I did the math to prove it

    9. BMaximus

      mgk got shot... hahah EM4life

    10. Michelle madonia

      I miss this

    11. Trill Mane

      Bro I'm in AMC and GME and this song just hit different...woooo 🔥

    12. Emir Timur

      Nfs Heat 🔥🔥

    13. Katie Sayre

      Sick ass beat fr!!! kells u killing it

    14. qwerkaz

      Why people still talking about eminem in the comments? The beef's old news and they both moved on ever since lol. Em's one of the GOATs of rap and he's been part of a lot of people's childhood/teenage years, mine included. Doesn't mean i can't be a fan of MGK at the same time

    15. astitva shaily

      He goes insane

    16. Landon Brooks

      I feel like a caveman because I just found fire. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    17. Redneck Yeeyeefortnite

      Respect man takes alot to earn my respect

    18. Redneck Yeeyeefortnite

      His rap actually make sense lol

    19. GearX STARTLE

      He is the only one to compete with Eminem



    21. Andrei Dumitrescu

      Yes NFS Heat I love you for this music

    22. Rachida El Mesbahi

      Tonto feo

    23. Cas Milner


    24. RockMan Gaming

      After this song... he became a fruit loop. Can rap anymore an he's on some questionable shit. Sad that you dropped off after Eminem lyrically murdered you.

      1. Cruisehr28

        Wayyyy off buddy

      2. Luca Romano

        yeah okay so he’s thriving and youre telling him that he..... fell off????? after having the number one album in the country??????????????? you. are. a. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

      3. Eric Mcanany

        Why do you clowns think EM is still dope? Stop with the trash shit, Em needs to put this man on an album

    25. Wisco9er

      I really like his look in this. Clean as hell

    26. WelfareGod

      she already whorrin and shit

    27. Kyle Dunn


    28. Mikele Shehaj

      BIG KELI

    29. Manuel Kopp


    30. emma bonilla


    31. Павел Урам

      NFS Heat

    32. Chuck Berger


    33. youtube developer

      Ok he change the thumbnail.....

      1. Bar Nation

        I noticed too it's different...

    34. boumediene hakmi


      1. boumediene hakmi

        @JurrasicX weeee lkhraaa wchbik thssi ttnaki

      2. JurrasicX


    35. natasha fernandes

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      Yea yea the song is fire and all, I won't disagree on that but will anyone give credits to the director and the editor,, I mean I think they deserve it

    37. CalicoCookie TV

      Came here from nfs heat game

    38. Theodore Jean-Paul

      Underated song be like

    39. flight 23white

      I want him to go back to his roots like this song

    40. Uncle Kyle

      If you’re a gear head you know what year and make that Porsche is he’s whippin around. Man I love those old speedsters.

    41. matthew brooks

      Can y'all just watch an mgk video without mentioning Eminem

    42. kanas_freelancer 2200

      I love playing this song at partys it gets me pumped🔥🎉😎

    43. matty ice 1.0

      he looks normal in that video 😂

    44. Matt T.

      The only problem I have with any MGK song is people in the comments talking about Eminem.

      1. akhil x

        true 💯💯💯

    45. Megan Wilks

      the blood on his hand in the beginning has me fuckin weak🥵

    46. the fertilizer

      Lmao the thumbnail again!!!!!!

    47. Katie Kivlan


    48. Iammoist

      I liked the old thumbnail better new one looks stupid

    49. KetchupRat

      Yall really throwing shade at mgk YEARS after he dissed eminem like- Pathetic

    50. Blockchic Breed


    51. Aly Meyer

      MGK is for sure the shiner

    52. Kübra Nalbant


    53. Muhammad Hafizh irsyad

      If i hear this song i have a bad idea for killing each PPL XD jk 😁😂

    54. dylan. e

      im high on shrooms right now and i swear to god the thumbnail changed im freaking out someone please confirm

    55. Futile

      Can we acknowledge the fact that the edits on the video are dope as hell?

    56. Chloe Sibrel

      my mannnnn

    57. Rhonda Rakes

      This is fire

    58. Landon Brooks

      God dang 🔥🔥🔥

    59. Fraggle

      dude insane!! top 5 songs of him

    60. Erika Castillo

      My SON is just as good!! He hates when I say he looks like MGK!! I swear they could be twins!! So much talent

      1. ArcticCobra

        Uh, so am I, and tbh, I bet I'm better than ur son, this is not hard to sing, in the slightest

    61. sara Enevo!dzen


    62. B Wrong or Wright

      Get em. They said

    63. Oftf


    64. blake wilson

      after rewatching this and then watching tickets to my downfall then rewatching both I think someone took a massive dmt hit mgk on that rebirth shit

    65. Fleeko

      How can someone hate HIM for the appearance? Has he seen him?

    66. Daniel Marpuri

      The only problem with this song is it's too short.

      1. Akari_ alpha


      2. Your Average FolioFriends

        well the thing is the song is 2 minutes and 16 seconds because 216 is the area code for Cleaveland im pretty sure

      3. NortWest rhex


    67. John C. Yates

      I miss mgk in rap but it is what it is. His time in rap was amazing. Love both him and Eminem tho!

      1. Luca Romano

        his next album is rap, he tweeted that he's still gonna rap

    68. ryan Blackman


    69. luis coronel

      Only song I like from man bun Kelly

      1. Luca Romano

        @luis coronel cool

      2. jojoJONA Nach8

        @Luca Romano Mgk is so incredibly awesome. The songs you listen are the ones I'm not liking that much but because he has so much diversity I could name at least as many other MGK that sound completely different I like. Have a great day Buddy

      3. luis coronel

        @Luca Romano only reason I know of this song was because I played need for speed and it was 2 songs I liked from there and the other one is coisa boa

      4. Shubham Kumar

        @luis coronel entire General Admission album

      5. Adam Noyb

        @luis coronel bro he's got 2 classic mixtapes, 2 classic albums. I can name 5 songs off of binge that I like. LATELY, GTS, GET THE BROOM, NYLON, LOCO.

    70. MAVERIK op


    71. iKillBots PT

      Im so done w eminem after 10 years still using the same flows over and over again so repettitive , use to like him but now im not a child anymore🤣🤣

      1. Adam Noyb

        Exactly. I can't stand Em anymore

    72. Hasko

      Anyone feeling deez nuts in 2021? Ha Gotti

      1. pegasecam

        One of my absolute favorites! Love the music vid

    73. Facundo Villa

      E̟̻͓̯̼ͅl̦ ̛̗d͙͚̫͖͠i̭͖͍̩͔͙a̦͓̰̩̺b̮͈͝l̯̦̦̠̹͝o̖̙̤̰̙ ͎̱̦͉͇̜̤y̡a̦̪͟ ̼̗͕̖̣͔̙ḻ̰l͇̟̮̩͙e̮̗͉̯̝͕g͎͎͚͍͡ó҉ ͈̘̣͡

    74. destinyman1120

      Who else came here because of need for speed heat

    75. Karan Singh


      1. Drugs B

    76. AnselAlly

      This song is fire why so few views?

      1. Shubham Kumar

        @Devin video came out very late. The audio on Spotify has over 55M streams

      2. pegasecam

        @AnselAlly Eminem’s fans

      3. AnselAlly

        @Devin Sorry for not knowing but what is a stan?

      4. Devin

        Cuz the stans hate him

    77. Vlad52i29

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    78. meansubmarine

      "Gamble with my life yeah." 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    79. Brian Elias

      Mgk been dope since day one 💯💯

    80. Marinho Diaz

      You are fire

    81. Marinho Diaz

      Love you bro

    82. H.jbs2005

      im a huge eminem fan but this shits fire

    83. Adolf Hitler


      1. Marinho Diaz



      1. Marinho Diaz

    85. TRIXXTY -06

      Drug dealer: what drugs your looking for. Druggy: MGK drug Drug dealer: damn the sh*t selling fast

    86. TRIXXTY -06

      Editor: soooo how many effects do you want on your music video. MGK: Yes Editor: *Gulp* gotcha

    87. Jax.Killer

      I heard this song coming out a need for speed game and i believe this the highest mgk ever been lol

      1. Marinho Diaz

    88. tech gamer

      NFS heat yeah.

    89. demop

      hands on the wheel buddy

      1. demop


      2. demop

        @Devin safety first !

      3. Devin

        U really replied to your own comment smfh

      4. demop


    90. sierra moore


    91. Flakka Cobra

      em rap god may beee haha this one trap god bro

    92. Sarah Pederson

      Just be like "How much editing you want?" MGK "Yes."

      1. Marinho Diaz

    93. marcia sanchez hernandez


    94. Dan Dan


    95. McKinzey Lynn

      question was mgk sniffing up himself xD 2:13 thats just iconic

    96. Donald Duck 387

      Need for Speed Heat? anyone?

    97. Caesar -x-

      اعمل كوبي رايت لأرسينك يسطا ده شافف الفلو بتاعك

    98. pro فيشنال

      ارسينك الغلابه

    99. Youseef Rasehed

      Arsenik agmaad

      1. Omar saber

        @OMAR _ same معناها زيي يعني

      2. Omar saber

        @Yousif Salah هه سيم

      3. Yousif Salah

        سامو عليكو اخوكم من 69 Rap

      4. Omar saber

        منور من الفيس اخويا في الله

    100. mr Erri

      I’m a die hard Eminem fan, but mgk is no mumble rapper. Mgk is a great rapper, not at em’s level tho, but he is a great one